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    I Spent A Week Making Gordon Ramsay Recipes And I Am Legit Changed

    I am not an idiot sandwich.

    Hi! I'm Emily — and I like to cook. But I usually stick to the same quick things over and over again, like stir fry or salad.

    So I decided to challenge myself — with the help of someone who I am literally obsessed with: Gordon Ramsay. 👑

    My challenge? To spend a week in a ~MasterClass~ of sorts — cooking one of his recipes every day, starting simple with scrambled eggs and working all the way up to fancy chocolate tarts.

    To prep, I watched a ton of videos on Gordon's how-to YouTube channel, and picked up my textbook of choice:

    Here's how the week went:

    I kicked off the week with something I figured would be foolproof: scrambled eggs. How hard could they be, right?

    But I screwed up pretty much immediately.

    So I tried again. And while my eggs weren't quite as creamy as Gordon's, they were definitely delicious!

    Spicy Mexican soup was next — which was perfect because it actually ended up being the first chilly day of the season.

    But everything started out like a disaster because I messed up some of the ingredients.

    Once I relaxed, the actual soup part was smooth sailing — and a reminder of the importance of seasoning as you go.

    And BTW, the homemade tortilla chips were 💯.

    Despite Gordon's lentil salad being kinda ugly to look at, I was excited to try it — because it's probably most similar to what I'd normally cook for myself.

    Seafood can be intimidating — but of all the fish I’ve ever cooked for myself, these scallops had the best taste-to-ease ratio. They only took a few minutes to prep and cook through.

    The downside? I didn't nail the perfect sear. (But they still tasted good as hell.)

    I was really nervous to cook beef because... I don't eat meat. But what kind of MasterChef would I be if I didn't know how to cook a steak? So I wanted to at least try.

    I served the steak to my roommates, who both (thankfully) survived and loved it.

    As a ~salad enthusiast~ myself, I have to say this was a quality salad.

    Making homemade gnocchi was definitely a process. On one hand, it made me feel like a badass. On the other hand, my batch was a little gummy.

    But despite my gnocchi’s texture, the flavors were still really good — and it was my fave recipe to prepare.

    I made it to the end of the week! To celebrate? Fancy chocolate tarts with peanut brittle. I knew this was going to be my biggest challenge because besides slicing premade cookie dough or pouring soda into a cake mix, I have...never baked.

    It was a bittersweet ending: I botched the peanut brittle, but the tarts were incredible.

    Was it exhausting? Yes. Was it worth it? Abso-freakin'-lutely.

    So am I a MasterChef? Probs not, but I'll have a great time trying.