People Are Getting Emotional At This 99-Year-Old Veteran's No-Bullshit Message

    "We don’t want arguments. We don’t want racial injustice. All those things are horrible!"

    Around the UK on Sunday, people stopped to remember the sacrifice of those lost to war and give some thanks to those who've served.

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    In London, thousands of people gathered around the Cenotaph at Whitehall to lay wreaths.

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    The Queen did not lay a wreath, instead watching on from a balcony as Prince Charles performed the duty on her behalf.

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    But during BBC One's coverage, journalist Sophie Raworth found the oldest veteran present, 99-year-old former Royal Marine Ernie Searling.

    Asked what it meant for him to attend his first Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph, Searling gave a stirring answer about what it all should mean for future generations:

    I feel very humble seeing so many hundreds of men and women on the parade today. So very, very humble, particularly those who are not with us on this day today… All I hope is that the future generations could see this parade, see some solidarity in it. See that the betterment of mankind in England, especially Great Britain, should be at its highest level. We don’t want street fights. We don’t want arguments. We don’t want racial injustice. All those things are horrible!

    People absolutely loved his message, posting their thanks for the veteran's simple call for unity.

    'We don't want street fights... we don't want racial injustice' Ernie, the oldest veteran on parade for…

    Ernie, the 99 year old veteran at the Rememberance Sunday parade, just gave a wonderful interview to Sophie Rayworth. It moved me to tears.

    Ernie, the veteran they just spoke to made me so emotional. 💖 #RemembranceDay

    #RemembranceSunday Ernie the 99 year old veteran nailed it absolutely spot on.

    Last month, the Royal Navy covered his trip to Portsmouth, where the World War II veteran fulfilled his wish to be on a Naval ship again.

    99 year old Ernie Serling. Former Royal Marine. Oldest Veteran at the service today. Thank you Sir ❤️

    Well said Ernie 99 year old veteran, bang on what he said 🎖 #RemembranceSunday #leastweforget

    Watching Ernie the 99yr old Royal Marine veteran at the Cenotaph. OMG did he speak well. As this generation passes…

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