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This Deleted "Titanic" Scene Would Have Made The Movie So Much Better

I have a bone to pick with James Cameron.

Titanic is a cinematic masterpeice.

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It features several classic lines, like this one we've all said a time or two:

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As well as several scenes that still give you goosebumps, like this:

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And if you own the DVD or Blu-ray, chances are you've seen one or two of the deleted scenes. Like this one, for example:

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I think we can all agree this one was better left deleted.

Out of all of them (and there are quite a few), one in particular stands out. Take a look at this scene:

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If you know this movie like the back of your hand (which you should), you know it's right after we see Rose arrive at the Carpathia and right before Cal makes his way down to steerage to see if she made it out of the sinking alive. And if you're like me, only one thought came to mind: Why the fuck wasn't this scene in the movie?

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This movie is already incredibly emotional, but this scene would've WRECKED you if it made the final cut.

Look at the crewmen assisting Rose as she makes her way onto the Carpathia. This is INTENSE.

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It's like you can feel just how exhausted she is. Plus, the music adds the perfect touch to it.

Look! It's Cal's ~adopted~ daugher!

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After she made her way onto the lifeboat with Cal, she kinda disappeared. It would've been cool to know she made it out OK.

Look at the survivors shame J. Bruce Ismay with their eyes. You can FEEL their disgust at him.

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Ismay was often blamed for the Titanic's sinking. It followed him until his death in 1937.

And lastly, we see Rose's mom, Ruth, looking for her daughter.

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Ruth certainly wasn't an ideal mother, but still, this is heartbreaking to see. She's still a mother, after all.

It only makes sense to write a "strongly worded letter" to Paramount, asking for a rerelease of Titanic, with this scene included. Am I right?

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