16 Everyday Things That Will Traumatize You Just By Looking At This Post

    There aren't enough "nopes" in the world.

    1. This urinal that looks like it wants to swallow you whole.

    2. This face mask that looks like something The Silence of the Lamb's Buffalo Bill would make out of his victims.

    3. This lunch meat with a clown's face. Shudder.

    4. This high chair at McDonald's that you wouldn't dare put your toddler in.

    5. This "Crazy Catch" game in Taiwan.

    6. And this game with a drawing of "grandpa" who looks like he is gleefully murdering someone.

    7. This statue outside an ice cream shop that makes you think, "I scream, you scream, we all scream....yeah, we all scream."

    8. These socks that are staring into your soul.

    9. Clementine, the newborn monkey doll.

    10. The masks these excited kiddos made in anticipation of visiting Disney World.

    11. And this fox mask sold at Target that looks like it's silently begging "Help me."

    12. These children's books that are the definition of disturbing.

    13. This broken cardboard cutout that seems to be saying, "Will you play with me?"

    14. Bluetiful, the new Crayola color that looks like it might watch you as you sleep.

    15. This dinosaur that has either been crying or had its eyes gouged.

    16. And this statue inside an Italian restaurant that does anything but make you want to eat there.