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    30 "Friends" Moments That Prove Ross Geller Is Literally The Worst

    I've got the receipts.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the moments that prove Ross Geller from Friends is the worst. Here's some of the best and most undeniable proof:

    1. When he got upset that Ben β€” i.e. a boy β€” was playing with a Barbie.

    2. When Ross couldn't let Phoebe have a morsel of happiness by letting her believe that a cat was her mother reincarnated.

    3. When he refused to annul his marriage to Rachel because he didn't want to be "that guy."

    4. When he asked Chandler and Joey to pitch in for filters for HIS air purifier.

    5. And, oh god, when he did this seriously stupid hand motion.

    6. When he decided it was out of the question for Emma to have a male nanny.

    7. When he embarrassed Rachel at work by basically attempting to assert his dominance in front of Mark.

    8. And when Rachel tried to explain that she liked having a part of her life that was just hers, he couldn't accept that.

    9. And then when he complained she wasn't spending enough time with him and told her to realize that her job is "just a job."

    10. When he didn't believe Rachel and Phoebe could protect themselves so he spent the whole day trying to attack them to prove them wrong.

    11. When he straight-up SCREAMED at Rachel when she wasn't ready for his work event.

    12. When he secretly hid the phone message from the guy Rachel met at the bar.

    13. When his jealousy and controlling nature took over yet again and he decided that Elizabeth couldn't go on her spring break trip...

    14. ...and when his solution was to follow her to Florida just so he could keep tabs on her.

    15. When he couldn't lighten up and have a little fun when Rachel taught Ben a few practical jokes.

    16. When he was quite possibly the first person to say "not all men" in "The One That Could Have Been."

    17. When he saw Rachel and Gavin kissing and got mad that he was at home taking care of Emma, his own baby.

    18. When he told Rachel they were getting married after he found out she was pregnant. He didn't even think to ask her.

    19. When he held a grudge against Joey for UNKNOWINGLY proposing to Rachel. It was a freakin' misunderstanding.

    20. When he bragged about the number of times he had sex with Rachel. Who keeps count of something like that?

    21. You know, when he said Rachel's name at the altar instead of Emily's.

    22. When he cheated on both Julie AND Bonnie with Rachel.

    23. When he basically dumped Bonnie because she shaved her head.

    24. When he didn't want to tell his parents it was him that was smoking pot, even though he knew it would help out Monica and Chandler's relationship.

    25. When Ross yelled at his friends when they told him their true feelings about Emily. They were just trying to help.

    26. When he rained on everyone's parade by saying they wouldn't win the lottery...and then only joined in on the fun when Monica offered to pay for his tickets. He's such a party pooper.

    27. When he hooked up with Charlie minutes after she broke up with his best friend.

    28. When he completely ditched his date at the Hibachi restaurant so he could talk with Carol.

    29. When he made Rachel choose between her dream job in Paris and his jealous, controlling, and manipulative ass.

    30. And finally, literally every time he said "we were on a break." We get it, Ross β€” You. Were. On. A. Break. Just let it go.

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