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17 Petty Texts That Will Make You Stand Up And Scream "Yes"

"Did you forget I was alive?"

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1. When you use your detective skills:

@POPADO3 / Via Twitter: @POPADO3

2. When someone has green bubbles but you hit them with the read receipt anyway:

@emilymurphy34 / Via Twitter: @emilymurphy34

3. When you answer your own questions because you can't be bothered to wait:

@forrealjohn / Via Twitter: @forrealjohn

4. When you have to let them know that accidents happen:

@anniemazzy / Via Twitter: @anniemazzy

5. When you point out the obvious:

@Mxttyg / Via Twitter: @Mxttyg

6. When you ask the petty questions:

@sofijamrdja / Via Twitter: @sofijamrdja

7. Like, really petty questions:

@scrofaa / Via Twitter: @scrofaa

8. When you can't be bothered to care that someone is "at work":

@tigerr_lilly / Via Twitter: @tigerr_lilly

9. When you still wanna text but are too petty to further the convo:

@HaitianxPrince / Via Twitter: @HaitianxPrince

10. When all you need is emojis to get your point across:

@messsican / Via Twitter: @messsicanK

11. When you state the obvious:

@icarra_ / Via Twitter: @icarra_

12. When you're just trying to make sure you get paid:

@liltunahalpert / Via Twitter: @liltunahalpert

13. When you don't sugarcoat it:

@Lifee74 / Via Twitter: @Lifee74

14. When you let 'em know that they're slacking:

@kalliiikiing / Via Twitter: @kalliikiing

15. When you don't take orders:

@petty_dre_ / Via Twitter: @petty_dre_

16. When you refuse to be out-petty'd:

@chiana_lites / Via Twitter: @chiana_lites

17. And when you won't accept not getting laughs:

@itsssscrystal / Via Twitter: @itsssscrystal

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