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    17 People Who've Basically Declared War On Their Roommates

    Might as well live alone.

    1. This guy tried to ruin a perfectly fine date:

    2. This person put 3,000 fake ladybugs on their roommate's bed:

    wilein9 / Via

    3. These people transformed their roommate's room into a fucking beach:

    Johnfranco / Via

    4. This person created a shadow figure to welcome their roommate home:

    SG804 / Via

    5. This evil genius put a fake bug into a lamp:

    6. This person taped five party poppers to their roommate's door:

    cathann24 / Via

    7. This fear monger took advantage of their roommate's fear of clowns:

    mikejones84 / Via

    8. This person basically transformed their roommate's room into a lawn:

    domolm / Via

    9. And then that roommate retaliated:

    domolm / Via

    10. This person literally froze their roommate's dinner in place:

    Naurak / Via

    11. This asshole made "juice" using powdered cheese:

    12. This person almost got eaten alive by a cardboard shark:

    iHateBeingMe / Via

    13. This comedian told their roommate there was a "leek" in their bathroom:

    gessicapizzuto / Via

    14. This person had a looot of free time and extra sticky notes:

    ICanDrawFish / Via

    15. This person taped an airhorn to the wall:

    JJ0EE / Via

    16. This engineering student apparently wants to make sure their roommate never has kids:

    WannaJacket / Via

    17. And finally, this iconic prankster used dry wall to transform their friend's room into a literal storage closet:

    EkkoTohrez / Via

    But luckily he found a way around it:

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