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Kylie Jenner's Baby Daddy Appeared At The MTV EMAs And Everyone Made The Same Joke

Did he announce the news of the pregnancy on stage?!

For the past couple of months, we've all been going out of our minds waiting for Kylie Jenner to confirm the news that she's expecting her first baby with boyfriend of seven months, Travis Scott.

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While the news was confirmed by sources with knowledge of the situation, Kylie is yet to announce it herself.

Well, tonight the MTV EMAs took place in London and a whole host of celebs turned up.

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One of the attendees, and performers, was Kylie Jenner's boyfriend and ~rumoured~ baby daddy, Travis Scott.

Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

And when he took to the stage to perform, Twitter erupted with just about everyone making the same joke.


First, people connected the dots, realising that the Travis Scott on stage was, indeed, Kylie's boyfriend.

travis scott lmao isnt that kylie’s baby daddy??

And wondered why he was there and not tending to her.

What is Travis Scott doing at the #MTVEMA? He should be taking care of Kylie and her bump

But then they wondered whether he would confirm the news that he and Kylie are having a baby on stage.

Imagine travis scott saying that kylie is actually pregnant #mtvema

imagine travis scott announcing he's going to be a dad of kylie's baby. i would die lmao #MTVEMA

And this fan wondered whether the fact he performed on a gigantic flying bird was a reference to storks.

Esse pássaro de Travis deve representar a cegonha trazendo o bebê dele e da Kylie #MTVEMA KKKKKK NADA A VER

The tweet reads: "That bird of Travis must represent the Stork bringing his baby and Kylie #MTVEMA."

Sadly, however, he didn't mention Kylie or the pregnancy. So, the suspense continues.


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