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Ed Sheeran Had A Hell Of A Night At The MTV EMAs

Someone looks as though he took advantage of the, er, hospitality.

Ruby Rose Tried To Dance Like Drake And It Was Perfect

~She knows when that hotline bling~

35 Celebrity Photos You Didn't See On TV At The MTV EMAs

You saw the show, but what went on behind the scenes?

The 29 Most WTF Moments From The 2015 MTV EMAs

Ed drank some gin and made some rude jokes, mainly.

Ruby Rose Wore So Many Hot AF Outfits To Host The MTV EMAs

Personal favourite: the spaghetti dress.

13 Things Ruby Rose Looked Like At The MTV EMAs

Coke Zero, a flight attendant, and some spaghetti.

People Loved Ruby Rose's Gender-Fluid Comment At The MTV EMAs

"Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between."

People Got Thirsty For Novak Djokovic At The MTV EMAs

He looks like he's having a lovely time too.

32 Pictures That Prove The 2005 MTV EMAs Were The Best EMAs

Glasses of wine on the red carpet, NBD.

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