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November 2, 2017

Work with what you've got.

The president's personal account was abruptly taken offline for 11 minutes Thursday. Twitter says a customer support employee deactivated the account.

Um, hi, have I mentioned that Red deserved a Grammy?

Which Dunder Mifflin employee are you most like?

So many indie games, so little time.

The debate is ~lit~.


It's always Taco Tuesday here at BuzzFeed.

Vote for ,,the best actress,, ;)

Giddy up, cowboy.

"If you are reading this then the surgery did not go well," the letter begins. “I’m sorry, I tried my best to beat this terrible disease but I guess God had other things for me to do.”

Feud Season 2: DiGiorno vs. Papa John's.

It's been awhile since we said goodbye to the Halliwell sisters.

In a troubling move, the company lowered its long-term growth forecast.

*does a double take*



Do what tastes right.

Alexander Ovechkin, the three-time MVP who plays for the Washington Capitals, announced the "Putin Team" movement on Instagram.

The move to shutter the local news and culture websites comes a week after editors and reporters joined a union.

I've got bad news... you got a lot older-looking too.

Everything's under $50!

The Detroit-based musician initially said he would donate the money to a voter-registration group he planned to start. But his reps won’t say how much money he raised, where it went, or what that group is called.

So you're into the ABDL lifestyle and you know your diapers? Take this quiz to find out how much you reallly know.


God bless technology.

There's never a bad time for ice cream.

Harmonizers harmonizing.

Motherhood, don't knock it 'til you try it.

Finchel? Klaine? So many choices...

The English language is a beautiful mix-up of languages. Here is our list of words from Native American languages we should start borrowing.

Nick, Joe, or Kevin?

I scream for yogurt everyday.

A class about food? I think yes!

The Jumbo Glacier resort was first proposed in 1991.

I foresee a BuzzFeed Community post in the future...

"These are wildly sexual."

Can we skip 2018 and just go right to 2019?

Eat your fiber kids

"The world belongs to those who read"

Flash Flash Hundred Yard Dash, at your service.

Yup, all these events happened a decade ago this month.

Thanksgiving can be delicious & healthy this year with these Paleo Sweet Potato Casseroles!

So Halloween is over, now what do you do with those mountains of leftover candy?

In letters to the Army Corps, FEMA, and Whitefish on Thursday, the top-ranking Democrat on the Governmental Affairs Committee asked how public funds were used in the controversial Whitefish contract.

No entiendo a las personas.

Over two and a half years ago, I first visited Amsterdam to learn about the city's explosive growth in entrepreneurship. At the time, the region was home to over 2,500 international businesses, accounting for approximately 15 percent of total employment. This year, I returned to the highly innovative city to find that Old Amsterdam beguiles me as much as as much as my beloved New Amsterdam, aka New York City. Both cities are global hubs of delights for every sense! My highlights below:

As House Science Committee chair, Smith has challenged the research and integrity of federal scientists, including subpoenaing for their emails.

The English language is a beautiful mix-up of languages. Here are some words from Native American languages we use every day without even knowing it.

"OMG, this is so me." —A cat, reading this post

Lemme take a selfie.

“It’s been seven years and he’s still blaming me,” Christine O’Donnell says of the Senate majority leader. “He is very much like an ex-boyfriend who can’t move on.”

He was a boy. She was a girl. There's also a ramen noodle wig involved.

Pumpkin spice is the best, and I won't let any of you tell me different.

Prepa 5 echó su sombrero al ring.

Eurythmics stars Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox may be about to release new material as Stewart posts studio recording clip featuring Annie Lennox to Facebook.

To fix social media, we need filtering tools that work at scale, learn from mistakes, and improve over time. Twitter Moments shows how to get there.

Rawr XD.

Only 29 lip syncs left! Battles were randomly paired and the odd one out is automatically going to move on to next week (#sorryboutit). Check back next Wednesday (11/8/17) to see which ones will make it to the sweet 15!

The Hawaii resident wrote that the X-Men: The Last Stand producer had raped her 12 years ago.

Those damn Bravermans.

I'm a piece of shit.

A federal judge will decide next week if Paul Manafort and Rick Gates can go free while their case is pending.

Pick whatever makes your tummy happy!

Pineapples are so last year.

It's harder than you might think.

Dream home decor at up to 60% off!

I know an origin story when I see one.

Or maybe you're both!

Jerome Powell — known as Jay — is a Republican who's bounced back and forth between government and finance for decades.

I am the head wrap. Wrapped in majestic rainbows, glistening with elegance, toasted with beauty, channelling the essence of mother Africa.


Marcha para que en la próxima temporada podamos ver a Eleven enfrentarse a Pennywise.

Peoria has so many great attractions and activities to offer, especially in the fall! Don't forget to add these to your fall bucket list!

We all have one.

We all know the big names. But here are ten important people who deserve to be just as familiar...

The rap included a lyric that said, "Mass genocide is the only answer."

Which one do you like the most? ;)

Steve Harrington: reformed idiot and doting mother.

Get the latest ~lewks~ without doing a thing to your hair.

Are you more avocado toast or bacon omelette?

Go on and smash that follow button.

You really don't want to know what the original version of Snow White was like.

*silence* ......what is this.....left over speak of??

For anyone else who missed the memo on getting acne as a grown adult.

Como si necesitara otro pretexto.

"But also from the standpoint of sexual assault. When the lights are on, when you have light that shines, the righteousness, if you will, on those types of acts."

"People like you are the reason why young girls feel the need to alter their face."

“I call this trip to Asia ‘Mission Impossible,’” one foreign policy watcher told BuzzFeed News.

I mean, it works.

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your computer for hours playing that online poker game? Or maybe your addiction goes a bit deeper than that, and your friends are starting to notice. Listed below are 5 tips on how to help you steer clear of your sh!tty addiction.

It's been 18 months. This was long overdue.

Nobody likes all of it

The brain, the brain, the center of the chain.

The Agriculture Department chief scientist nominee, Sam Clovis, has withdrawn his bid for the job due to the Russian election investigation. He also had no scientific qualifications.

Hello everyone. You probably came here to wonder who I am. I decided to blog on Buzzfeed, because why not?

The flyers said "Make Edison great again."

College can be a difficult time for many students. This is usually the first time you are out of the house and on your own. Expectations and standards are raised and as a result the transition from high school to college can be tricky. Below are 5 tips to help make that transition as smooth as possible.

Sabrina y Harvey chance ya tendrían un hijo de 16 años porque #adultos.

To all my fellow college students who picked the easiest major in the world! Just kidding, I'm struggling and I know you are too with nursing as your major. Follow these tips and I promise it will make your life ten times easier and less stressful. Works for me it will work for you.

Everyone has their weaknesses.

"Darkness rises...and light to meet it."

Coffee beans, dress shoes, speaker systems, and more!

"My life is that awkward walk/jog you do in front of a car when you’re crossing the street."

I'm sorry, this timeline just got confusing AF.

Los hechos ocurrieron mientras un grupo de personas protestaba en un acto encabezado por el representante conservador.

Do you like my clickbait thumbnail?

If the US ends the diversity visa program, it will prove that we’ve lost the collective empathy that gave me and my family a chance at a new life when we desperately needed it.

Remember those glow-in-the-dark McDonald's Halloween pails?

If you miss Calpol and being allowed on the apparatus, this one's for you.

Zehntausende Frauen suchen in Deutschland jährlich Schutz vor Gewalt – doch es fehlen Kapazitäten und Geld, um alle unterzubringen. Das zeigt eine bundesweite Recherche von BuzzFeed News

"I Claimed To Be Pro-Equality & Truly Felt That Way."

Guaranteed to make you say "awwww"

While the world, and I, have grown up, Shah Rukh remains stuck in the regressive '90s. With more freedom than he's ever had, he continues to promote sexism, racism and toxic beauty standards with his work.

We finally got there.

Including 58% off a T3 hairdryer!

Have a holly jolly Christmas.

"Always forgive, but never forget."

“This drink, I like it! ANOTHER!”

Facile et sain !

"Sie haben den ganzen Tag mit Menschen zu tun. Was ist Ihnen dabei besonders wichtig?" – "Desinfektionsmittel."

So odd!

Take this quiz to see how well you know some Millikin Tabor faculty members. Type up your guess for each picture and see how well you do (we promise we won't tell)! Tip: type first and last name

The only TV show I will be watching for the forseeable future.

Make it a movie marathon.

Unicode, the organization that oversees the evolution of emojis, is in the middle of a fierce debate over a frowning pile of poop.

And those shopfront weed stores are facing new fines, too.

Not ready for T-shirt season to be over? It doesn't have to be.

Troy, Bella y Olaf, les estamos hablando a ustedes.

Winner winner chicken dinner

So, you mean it's not called a thingamajig?


"Love Story" please say hello to your dark sister...

Weeknight winners.

We can't all be Wonder Woman.

Kendall Fells, national organizer for the minimum wage campaign, has resigned, and Mark Raleigh, the director of the Detroit chapter, has been fired.

This list is totally SFW.

Where do you belong: the city of angels or the city by the bay?

Mercer, whose money helped elect Donald Trump, will also sell his stake in Breitbart to his daughters after a BuzzFeed News report linked the site to white nationalists.

On en parle de ces petits morceaux secs sur les lèvres???

How did I live this long without a clothes-drying rack???

Find out which candidate is most like you!

Pero llamadla "El ciclo de la vida"... porque lo envuelve todo.

So many good, good boys looking so, so bad.

Held over two back to back weekends, TWSTD takes advantage of its unique location – on-site is a swimming pool, sauna, spa, bowling, bars and many restaurants – and combines it with a vibrant lineup of music, visuals and immersive shenanigans.

Trying to be a nursing major can be extremely stressful, and sometimes we just need some comedic distraction

«Cool, et du coup, vous devez avoir des plans à trois tout le temps !?»

Defining your decor style can be difficult, and without a clear vision in mind, starting the process of decorating a new home can seem daunting. With the help of design genius Andrew Pike we're tackling the decor personality dilemma head on.


Girl in America: "Give me a piggy back ride my feet hurttt" Girl in Britain: *uses McDonald's bags as shoes*

Don't underestimate your grocery cart.

Test your willpower.

There are some spooky similarities...

He also criticized the Army Corps of Engineers for what he said were slow efforts to get the power grid up and running.

Trump called for the death penalty for New York terror attack suspect.

Ein Bundeswehrsoldat weiß, wofür die Abkürzung EPA steht.

I'm tryina see dude tummy on the reg.

Is your tech under control - or is it controlling you? Test your mastery of time and attention (if you can focus for long enough) #TalkCriticalThinking

How alert are you to bad arguments and soggy logic? #TalkCriticalThinking

This post talks about 10 things that only nursing students/nurses in general would understand.


¡Manos arriba!

The US-led coalition fighting ISIS has admitted responsibility for the deaths of 36 civilians in three military strikes in Mosul after they were detailed in a BuzzFeed News investigation.

The disease has claimed 124 lives in Madagascar so far. Here's what you need to know.

Food so good, you'll put a ring on it

Have you ever been late night studying and needed a snack? Or you went out with friends, and when you got back to your room you had the munchies? Well, College Wingman is here to help! Here are 15 easy recipes to quench your hunger.

"I've only made 3 jokes in my life and they're all sitting in front of me."

Les vrais savent !

Ces histoires ont été collectées dans le monde entier, mais elles ont toutes une chose en commun: elles vont vous donner envie de dormir en laissant la lumière allumée.

Will you pass the test?

Your binge-watching habits are surprisingly revealing.

Do I realllllly need this?

TL;DR: Young people are more sensible than they used to be.

Dein Blick, wenn du deine Tage hast, und jemand neben dir einfach nur atmet.

Got a secret, can you keep it?


Choose a, bae, a best friend, and an enemy, to find the perfect anime for you!!!!1

Gavin Williamson has twice voted to deny marriage rights to gay people.

The High Court ruled against a challenge mounted by Help Refugees to dismiss the government cap and allow more unaccompanied child refugees to enter Britain.

Police identified the suspect as Scott Ostrem Thursday.



I — and more than 2,000 Amazon reviewers — swear by Body Glide, and here's why.


The void was discovered using particles that are made in Earth's atmosphere by cosmic rays.


This adorable family is about to get adorable-er.

A minister told BuzzFeed News the appointment had "gone down like a cup of cold sick".

Envie d'évasion ? Besoin d'aide pour votre déco d'intérieur ? Retrouvez le TOP 5 des décos les plus insolites des stars

Just ~roll~ with it.

Forget flowers, wedding bouquets used to have garlic in them.

Thirst Aid Kit, a new podcast from Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins, explores how pop culture shapes our desires.

La historia de nunca acabar.

Yes the universe of mean girls is repeating itself...

YAS! Vegan brunch is now a thing! From a Vegan Full English to Vegan Chick'n and Waffles, Vegan Pancakes to Vegan Eggs Benedict. Take a look at the 11 best places to have Vegan brunch in London. So good, they'll even fool your carnivorous friends!

Moi dans 50 ans.

The chief whip's appointment comes after Fallon quit over claims surrounding his past behaviour.


It was the most relatable party because everyone spent the evening taking photos of each other.

Est-ce que vous aimeriez qu'on vous mette de vraies abeilles vivantes dans la bouche ?

*Klappt die Hundeohren zurück* "Ich liebe deine neue Frisur!"

Send yourself some hot noods.

"Du siehst heute ein bisschen abstoßend aus, aber du hast schöne Augen und ein gutes Herz."


「……なんすか? ハッシュタグって?」


"Ich treffe euch alle da!" *geht ins Bett*

iPhone X発売を前に、BuzzFeed Newsに語った。

Les séries ne mentent pas.


Je suis vieiiiille.

4 Desserts to Make with Ripe Bananas

Advertencia: habrá spoilers.

Ça y est, c'est le moment de faire des soupes.



AFV Funniest Videos - Best Funny Kids Vines Compilation 2017 [PART 3] . Try not to laugh or grin while watching this video! Thanks for watching! Please like, share and subscribe to The Top Vines channel!!!

Keep warm and stay in style for work.



"I gathered my kids and my grandkids and I said, this is not us."


This should be easy for most of you

No school November > no shave November ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


"I just want to lift a crane and have people be scared of me."

Okay, so you took the "what sort of bed should you get for your kid" quiz I made... now pick out a duvet cover and pillow case set that suits their personality!

It's a good day to be an Astros fan and an even better day to be an Astros player.

Get ready to have some serious FOMO.

Using Technology for Accessibility in the Arts

Unique New York, unique New York, you know you need unique New York.

What sort of bed would your kid (under age 13) like the most? If you take my other quizzes related to making a kid's room, you can design an ideal room for your child based on your budget, space requirements and their personality!

And then book a trip!

ECU Pre-Physical Therapy students have endless opportunities when it comes to the future. With these opportunities, difficult decisions follow. Often, students think of home health as a boring setting full of old people... here are some things you may have overlooked!

Black remained a One Nation staffer months after he was charged.

The most effective bullpen faced off against the most productive offense in the league for a nail-biting series.

They lost to a team based about 1,500 miles east of Los Angeles.

Time to rethink your next tropical holiday destination.

The former prime minister says the "no" movement will become the conservative GetUp.

“Maybe they will take my dead body for treatment?"

Pasta and Riverdale? The best combo.


"He was the point of contact, the primary point of contact for, and this is preliminarily, 23 people that came in or potentially came in with him," Trump said.

"At the end of the day, everyone should feel proud of who they are."

Trump's lawyers are trying to dismiss a defamation lawsuit by women who claimed he groped them, Facebook now says 146 million Americans were exposed to Russia's chaos campaign, and turns out Pinterest has a fake news problems too.

Deck the halls!

Are you a fake fan?

Shirts are hard.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Giving you everything you need to lust out loud.

We all know you carry the whole show, so let's find out which one you are.


Apparently, someone's aunt is making them pay $30 a plate for Thanksgiving and Twitter completely lost it.

Life's what you make it!

There is a correlation.

It's a Hallo-hangover

take this quiz to find out if you are more Cleo, Rikki or Emma


Wondering who you should take to the next Theta date party? Are you available on December 2nd? If the answer is yes-- this quiz is for you! Let us know your results!

Es muy fácil: el Centro Nacional de Prevención de Desastres (CENAPRED), de la UNAM, tiene pública la información calle por calle.

But questions remain about whether any more politicians are ineligible to sit in parliament.

HO HO HO, Hoes.

Are you team "Christmas-starts-in-November" or "Don't-Forget-About-Thanksgiving?"

I want candy.

"I think anyone would look at a situation like that and see the human face."

Farmers of BuzzFeed, it's your time to shine.

You are basically becoming obsolete.

I declare Cairns “Town of The Lax Vibes”.

Because celebrating the weird and wonderful shouldn't just be limited to October.

Es como hablar con dos especies distintas.

Comparte esto con la persona que te va a invitar al cine a verla.

Beyoncé, Seth Rogen y John Oliver en el mismo lugar.

You can tell me.

November? It's basically Christmas!

Sabrina and Harvey probably have a kid now, and I feel old.

It's been a purrfectly awful holiday for some.

Everything we experience when growing up affects us in one way or another.


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