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Taylor Swift Is Releasing A Behind-The-Scenes Series Of How She Makes A Song And It's Fascinating AF

The only TV show I will be watching for the forseeable future.

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Hello, fellow Swifties. Our time has finally almost come. We're just one week away from blessing our ears with Taylor's sixth studio album, Reputation.

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The album officially arrives on Friday, Nov. 10.

But now there's even *more* exciting November news: Taylor Swift NOW is releasing a brand new series The Making of a Song — which, you guessed it, is a behind-the-scenes look at Taylor creating the music on her upcoming album.

⏰ The Making of a Song premieres 11/13 on @DIRECTVNOW, only from AT&T! #TaylorSwiftNOW

In typical Swift fashion, the new series premieres on DirecTV Now on Nov. 13, and will give fans "an unprecedented glimpse into Taylor's songwriting process," all shot by Taylor herself.

DirecTV Now /

^ Me trying to process this news.

And to celebrate the new series, we got a little sneak peek at what's in store, and honestly, I emotionally gasped about 17 different times while watching it.

So sit down, grab some tissues, and watch a preview of Taylor creating her latest single "Gorgeous". And then call your nearest friend with DirecTV and make plans with them for November 13 ASAP.

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