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Poetry: "Tamara"

"Tamara was the Flo-Jo of elementary school. / If you were lucky, / you’d catch a glimpse of her trailing hair / before she reached the finish line."

Nichole Perkins • 11 months ago

Hey, Did You Hear About Thirst Aid Kit, BuzzFeed's New Podcast?

Giving you everything you need to lust out loud.

Nichole Perkins • One year ago

If You Like Being Thirsty, Well, We’ve Got Some Good News

Thirst Aid Kit, a new podcast from Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins, explores how pop culture shapes our desires.

Bim Adewunmi • One year ago

My Mama’s Manicures Taught Me How To Take Care Of Myself

For a long time, I didn’t want to be “my mother’s daughter.” But it turns out that, at least when it comes to getting our nails done, I am.

Nichole Perkins • 2 years ago

What "Chewing Gum" And "Jane The Virgin" Teach Us About Virginity

Sexual empowerment doesn't always have to come with the price of promiscuity.

Nichole Perkins • 2 years ago

Twice As Good: How Black Actresses Get Half The Recognition

For black actresses in Hollywood, the age gap for getting breakout roles means missing out on long careers and lucrative paydays.

Nichole Perkins • 2 years ago

Why Don't The Women In "John Wick" Talk?

The female characters in the action franchise aren’t given much in the way of speaking roles. (Warning: spoilers ahead.)

Nichole Perkins • 2 years ago

Don't Let Men Steal Your Favorite Songs

After years of trading music with boyfriends, I've finally reclaimed these songs for myself.

Nichole Perkins • 2 years ago

My Mother And I Finally Opened Up About Our Depression And Anxiety

Because my mother never acknowledged her depression, I never opened up to her about mine. Now that she's in treatment for both depression and anxiety, we finally talked about the open secret between us.

Nichole Perkins • 3 years ago

How Prince Taught Me About Female Sexuality

He helped me realize there are men who enjoy being submissive to women — and that being a woman who’s more sexually experienced than a man isn’t something to hide or being ashamed of.

Nichole Perkins • 4 years ago

What It's Like Being A Black Woman In A Dom/Sub Relationship With A White Man

After meeting a much younger white man online, I began exploring what it would be like to have a submissive lover.

Nichole Perkins • 4 years ago

"Veronica Mars" And The Value Of Revisiting Pop-Culture Blind Spots

Now I understand the attachment to a show featuring a young woman who outwits nearly everyone around her with just her intelligence and a taser.

Nichole Perkins • 5 years ago

How Alicia Florrick Brings Men To Their Knees

CBS drama The Good Wife uses the love triangle of its major characters to highlight a woman's sexual power. Spoilers, if you're not caught up on the latest season.

Nichole Perkins • 5 years ago

Ava DuVernay's Episode Of "Scandal" Starts Off With A Scream

The award-winning filmmaker on executing Shonda Rhimes' vision, becoming the next Mark Wahlberg, and all the black women filmmakers you're not paying attention to.

Nichole Perkins • 5 years ago

It's Time To Say Good-Bye To TV's Strong Black Woman

Thanks to Scandal and Sleepy Hollow, we're seeing a completely new kind of black woman on television. The human kind, who's allowed to feel things.

Nichole Perkins • 5 years ago