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    People Are Putting Emojis In Their Hair And It's Fun And Fashionable And Best Of All It's Free

    Get the latest ~lewks~ without doing a thing to your hair.

    All of the recent hair trends that have come and gone on Instagram mostly require drastic changes and expensive trips to the salon.

    And while these radical transformations look great, they involve a lot of coloring and de-coloring and harsh hair treatments, and not everyone is willing to do that.

    If you're like me, and you'd prefer to keep your hair relatively unharmed, the latest Instagram trend is exactly what you've been waiting for: #EmojiTrend.

    The #EmojiTrend is a purely digital makeover where people decorate their flowing locks with thematic or color-coordinated emojis.

    The results are pretty easy to achieve, all you need to do is edit your Instagram stories with a few select emoji stickers. (or Snapchat, if you're still on that.)

    Some people like to stick to themes, like emojis focused on certain seasons or holidays.

    The more artistic people spend time combing through emojis of a certain color palette.

    Of course, sometimes a single emoji can be used to great effect as well.

    It's fun, adorable even, and it's only purpose it to let people express themselves. What's not to love?

    And the best part is it can give any of your selfies a unique twist without ever touching a single strand of your hair.

    You in?

    This post was translated from Spanish.