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15 Oddly Intriguing Photos That'll Are 100% Bizarre

So odd!

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1. This skeleton face that's growing out of this pumpkin:

matthewmcclelland / Via

2. These two apples that grew together:

3. These hugging Doritos:

4. This twig that looks like it's dabbing:


5. This soft-serve that's disturbingly hollow:


6. This QUESTIONABLE cucumber:

7. This square roll of toilet paper:

YharnamGhoul / Via

8. This ENORMOUS chunk of Pirate's Booty:


9. This baby's spiral belly button:

Drakonslayor / Via

10. These 'mallows that are really sticking together:

Itsnotironic444 / Via

11. This slightly adorable and slightly creepy pumpkin face:

thestuffedalligator / Via

12. This uneven Pop-Tart frosting:


13. This chip that is 99% air:

MagiciansRhino / Via

14. This spooky squash:

civ9000 / Via

15. And finally, this sweet little booty: