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18 Times YouPorn Was Legitimately Funny As Heck On Twitter

This list is totally SFW.

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1. Sometimes, it feels like YouPorn is able to read our minds.

2. ...and is also hella relatable.

3. YouPorn is the kween of clap backs.


4. And never forgets to mention important cultural days.

5. Let's ~bee~ honest, this was the best use of the 280 characters.

⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶⁹ ₆₉ ⁶…

6. Do you really need a caption for this?

7. When YouPorn totally got us.


8. YouPorn's GIF game is strong, you gotta admit it.

9. And well, YouPorn is also very funny.

When you're ready for round two but bae isn't ready yet.

10. Like, very funny.

11. YouPorn knows the truth.

Can I skip to when I'm financially stable and have someone to snuggle with every night.. oh wait I do.. it's my cat. Hi cat.


12. You will see the cutest cats in the world.

13. And cute puppies.

14. YouPorn is also the kween of puns...

15. ...and knows her classics.


16. I mean, I see no lies.

Thick thighs means there's more room for snacks on my lap.

17. Yup, YouPorn is the best.

18. Keep the good work up, YouPorn, we <3 you.

Waiting for my Tinder match to message me back

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