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We Have Now Reached The Peak Of Steve Harrington's Hair In "Stranger Things 2"

We finally got there.

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And you might be thinking: "why write about his hair?" Well, A. look at the way his hair is reflecting light in this image and B. you are already scrolling down an article about Steve's powerful hair. THE DEFENCE RESTS.


And now it is my duty to officially inform you: Steve's hair is the best that it has ever goddamn been in the new series. Holy shit in this scene it looks like the crest of a magnificent wave.


I've also noticed that in so many scenes in Stranger Things 2, Steve's hair is inhumanely cut from the scene because it is too tall it barely fits. Like in this scene here:


I also did not like this character when he first appeared on Stranger Things 2 because his hair was the polar opposite of everything Steve's hair stands for.