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12 Fucked-Up Stories That Disney Fans Won’t Believe Are Real

You really don't want to know what the original version of Snow White was like.

1. In J.M. Barrie's novel, Peter Pan is actually a murderer.

2. And the original Pinocchio kills Jiminy Cricket.

3. The prince in the Brothers Grimm version of Snow White is basically a necrophiliac corpse-thief.

4. And Sleeping Beauty is just as twisted.

5. The original Esmeralda is hanged, and Quasimodo dies of starvation while hugging her corpse.

6. Aladdin is a dick in One Thousand and One Nights.

7. Bambi is shown a man's corpse in the original novel.

8. In an early version of Beauty and the Beast, the Beast sleeps with Belle, and her sisters drown her.

9. Mulan is forced to become a concubine, and so she kills herself to escape her fate.

10. Hercules kills Megara...and their kids.

11. Tarzan really wants to get off with an ape.

12. And in one of the (many) proto-folk tales that influenced what became Cinderella, she marries her father.

Childhood = ruined.