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22 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up The Difference Between Girls' Night In America And Girls' Night In Britain

Girl in America: "Give me a piggy back ride my feet hurttt" Girl in Britain: *uses McDonald's bags as shoes*

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1. Getting ready in America:

2. Getting ready in Britain:

When you're going on a night out with the girls @sophieis @tanner_ism

3. Co-ordinating outfits in America:

When you plan a night out with the girls and you all end up wearing matching outfits unexp…

4. Co-ordinating outfits in Britain:

are you even a girl if you don't tell people you're wearing jeans and a nice top ????


7. Taxi rides to town in America:

8. Taxi rides to town in Britain:

9. Drinks at the bar in America:

Instagram: @dongerli

11. Club bathroom selfies in America:


13. Letting it all out on the dance floor in America:

Instagram: @supersanii

14. Letting it all out on the dance floor in Britain:

Why do I sound like a battered dug?


17. 3am food in America:

Me n my cousin drunk af eating pizza; t-shirt worthy 🍕

19. Sore feet solutions in America:

I would say a good roommate is when you give them a piggy back ride dt cus they are to drunk @Lexi_Washa