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    SRK Took All His BFFs On A Mini Vacay For His Birthday And There Are Many Photos

    It was the most relatable party because everyone spent the evening taking photos of each other.

    For his 52nd birthday, Shah Rukh Khan gathered all his friends and family at his holiday home in Alibaug just to hang, you know. It was a small and ~humble~ affair.

    Except that some members of the party were flown down in a chopper????

    And like any and every party, the moment everyone got to the venue they got on their phones. Celebs are just like us but richer.

    Basically, it was a fun-filled day of no makeup photos for all of SRK's guests.

    My personal favourite thing about this party that I would've loved to attend (the invite probably went to spam) was all the girl love.

    Viral Bhayani

    Look at Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt chilling and perhaps waiting for snacks to be served.

    Also, can you spot smol bb AbRam in this picture?

    And here's Deepika chilling in Alia's well-rehearsed "candid" photo.

    The second gen celebs (except Sussanne Khan) who'll soon be taking over were also letting their hair down.

    This is the BTS shot of ^ photo. Karan standing on the frikkin' table to get the best shot is me as a best friend.

    SRK, being the best goddamn host, brought out his camera to take seemingly romantic soft-focus shots of his friends.

    He also conducted a solo photoshoot for Karan Johar because are you even a real friend if you aren't also their professional photographer?

    OMG while you're here look at this selfie Karan was trying to take with Deepika and Alia goofin' around in the back.

    Finally, here are three more gorgeous pictures of gorgeous people looking well, gorgeous.

    Thanks for the most relatable party ever SRK, really felt like I was there.

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