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If You Were A Kid In The '90s, Then You'll Probably Remember These 14 Things

Remember those glow-in-the-dark McDonald's Halloween pails?

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1. First of all, you remember this particular McDonald's commercial that advertised those iconic Halloween candy pails FOR A LIMITED TIME.

McDonald's / Via


2. And you definitely had to have the entire collection of spooky chicken McNugget toys.

FTWmedic31 / Via

3. You remember feeling INTENSE PRESSURE watching "Nick or Treat" — the gameshow where kids called in to try and win a prize.

LawMcKay / Via

4. And you absolutely watched the iconic Halloweentown when it came on.

Caseylightning / Via

5. Or perhaps you remember renting Ernest Scared Stupid on VHS?

LawMcKay / Via

6. And you really got in the Halloween spirit when Windows '98 offered its haunted house screensaver.

jweave27 / Via

7. Your parents put up these specific ghost decorations that shook when triggered by movement.

You'll never forget the noise they made, either.

8. And you killed loads of time searching around for certain pumpkins and riddles in your Halloween I Spy book.

mrdeadpoole / Via

9. And you definitely had the Halloween edition of the Berenstain Bears Treat or Treat book, where Brother and Sister go trick-or-treating with their friends and one decides to play a trick *GASP*.

_khanrad / Via

10. You had nightmares over the Halloween episode of Family Matters, where Steve Urkel's dummy "Stevil" comes to life and begins haunting him.

JAlbert653 / Via

11. You owned one of these hard plastic pumpkins that you collected candy in when you went trick-or-treating.

12. And you *also* may have carried around one of these spooky Halloween flashlights.

13. You most likely begged your parents for the ~ghostly edition~ of Rice Krispies cereal.

Pumpkin and ghost marshmallows!!!!

Pumpkin and ghost marshmallows!!!!

14. And finally, you remember all the Halloween Pizza Head Show commercials that featured your favorite slice of pizza getting into some shenanigans.

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