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Say Goodbye To Chafing And Chub Rub With This All-Natural Balm

I — and more than 2,000 Amazon reviewers — swear by Body Glide, and here's why.

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A few years ago, while training for my first (and so far only) marathon, I noticed something...alarming.

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I was used to some inner-thigh chafeage when I wore loose shorts, but I was able to eradicate it by running in spandex gear. When I went for runs longer than 10 miles, though, I started to chafe — ugh, sorry — between my buttcheeks.

There was no sartorial fix for this one. No matter what I was wearing, my own personal old chafe-ful would kick in at mile 10, and then intensify with every mile thereafter.

I checked in with my sister — who regularly exercises for hours at a time (she has completed multiple Ironman races, which is both amazing and horrifying) — to see if she had any leads on a miracle cure for the dreaded chafe. And she did not disappoint!

She told me to try Body Glide, an all-natural anti-chafing balm. And unlike when she told me I was getting held back in kindergarten, she spoke the truth!

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Body Glide looks like a stick of deodorant, but instead of applying it to your armpits, you put it everywhere you're likely to chafe — including your armpits, actually. (You can rub some on your hands and apply that way, if you prefer.)

I started out using it intra-buttcheeks, and when it completely vanquished the chafing, I really went for it and applied it wherever I had any mild chafing: where my sports bra lay on my chest, between my thighs, and really anywhere anything was going to rub up on my bare skin.

It's odorless, which I appreciate, and actually feels a little sticky going on, which made me nervous. But it worked. I felt like a seal gliding through the arctic seas as opposed to a sand-stranded jellyfish rubbing all up on itself.

Body Glide has a devoted following among Amazon reviewers, more than 2,000 of whom give the product five stars.

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People love it for its anti-chafing and anti-chub-rub properties. Also, before reading these reviews, I didn't know you could use this stuff to prevent foot blisters too! (Though Body Glide also sells a balm expressly for feet, one with SPF 30, an anti-friction cream, and a balm that's just for ~ladies~, which... okay!)

"This stuff is amazing. I have used it for running, hikes, biking, everything you can think of. It makes a HUGE difference in chaffing and rashes. It is not messy or greasy at all (almost to the point where I didn't think it would work), and it stays on for a long time without you having to stop to reapply it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who leads an active lifestyle and has chafing problems." —How It Is

"I'm fat, I chafe, it's gross and hurts like hell. This product solves that problem. I started walking 10 miles a day, normally by the fifth mile I'm ready to call someone to pick me up. Not because i'm exhausted or sore — because my fat thighs are rubbing together trying to make fire like I'm trying out for Survivorman. As long as I remember to put this on before my walk (applied like deodorant), I am completely chafe-free. This product is a lifesaver." —Kevin C. Hayes

"I love this balm! I use it on the backs of my feet and on top of my toes before I go running every day and it seriously helps to prevent blisters. This product is also free of nasty chemicals like petroleum and is pretty much only made up of only good stuff. One of the ingredients is even aloe leaf extract! I recommend this to any runner or person who wants to prevent blisters/chafing. Definitely try this one before you try some of the other nasty ones." —Heather Green


I've been using Body Glide for years, but before recommending it to you guys, I wanted to make sure there wasn't some newer, flashier product that has since surpassed it. So I checked in with my sister again.

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And there you have it. Body Glide is still the best (and my sister's dog is real cute).

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