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8 Reasons Why Cairns Is The Chillest Holiday Destination

I declare Cairns “Town of The Lax Vibes”.

Hey there! My name is Anna, I’m Italian, and for the past week I’ve been travelling around North Queensland and exploring all its beauty.


The first stop on my itinerary was Cairns and, let me tell you it, it's everything that us Europeans ever expected from Australia: laid-back, relaxed, and an all-round beach paradise. Here’s why!

1. Everything is walking distance.

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Cairns really isn’t that big, whether you want to go to the beach, shops, bars, or markets, it's all within 20 minutes. Walking is the best way to see the city properly, and it was nice not having to rush to get a cab.

2. Everyone seems to walk around in flip flops…


You really don’t need proper shoes when the beach is so close. No matter the time of day, you'll always see at least a dozen people in flip flops, or thongs as Aussies call them. No dress codes, just blissful comfort. ❤️

3. …or just barefoot.


Ok, so this might sound unhygienic for my fellow Europeans, but stay with me. After a month in Australia, I’ve found myself running around without any shoes on, and honestly, it’s quite liberating! Except on hot sand. And hot concrete. And hot everything. These people have soles of steel.

4. People seem to actually have a life on weekday evenings.


Most people can't wait to crawl into bed after a long day of work… well, that doesn’t seem to happen in Cairns. I’m not sure if it’s the beachy air, the sunshine, or the fresh fruit, but these people seem to actually have the energy to go out for a walk and spend time with friends, even on a Wednesday night.

5. There are cute, Asian-inspired markets that are open 'til late.


These places are little gems in Cairns. Plus there's no rush, you can stroll around until 11pm! Here, you’ll find anything: a food court with so many cuisine options, fresh fruit and dessert stands, souvenir shops, camera stores, clothing shops, and jewellery stalls. I’m obsessed with rings, I got a this stainless steel knot one for just $10AUD, a little souvenir from Cairns I’ll always keep on me.

6. You can get cheap pedicures and massages.


Yes, it’s a dream come true: the same markets have a spa and beauty section. It’s all so casual but very well-maintained. I haven’t tried the pedicure, but I know a 25-minute massage won’t set you back more than $20AUD. I had my first massage EVER here and I am still wondering how I went so long without trying it out. Warning: You might fall asleep on the bed. Veeeeery relaxing.

7. Everyone is just so nice.


Seriously, everybody seems to be happy all the time! But then again, how can you not be in a good mood all the time when your schedule is chill, and traffic jams are nonexistent? These guys know how to live life.

8. And it’s so easy to make new friends!

Instagram: @gertrudwilladsen / Via

Cairns is a backpacker’s city: No matter the time of year, you’ll always find young travellers eager to meet new people. The local youth hostels have parties all the time and their bars are great for sharing a drink with fellow visitors. There's no time for boring, lonely nights in Cairns. Honestly, mark it down. Make a stop.

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