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    Can You Make It Through This Stationery Post Without Buying Anything?

    Test your willpower.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Beautiful rainbow washi tape that's only 60p.

    2. These pretty-as-a-picture pastel highlighters.

    3. These adorable lil cactus pens that cost a mere 3p.

    Promising review: "Love these! Really good black ink pens too." – Laura Wilson

    Get them from Amazon, 3p or int the US for $7.69.

    4. This super sweet apple pencil sharpener.

    Promising review: "Great sharpeners. They do a much better job than any others I have tried and they are surviving being used regularly by 7-8 year olds." – PerfectCircle2

    Get ti from Amazon, £3.59 or in the US for $6.08.

    5. This ultra adorable pack of colourful gel ink pens.

    Promising review: "They came on time and all work perfectly! I use it to journal and draw mind maps and the colours are true. Would definitely recommend!!" – Cherry

    Get them from Amazon, £1.78 or in the US for $5.99.

    6. This white-lined notebook for sheets that look like blank pages but still have straight-handwriting.


    Promising review: "I brought this to help digitize my hand lettering. Loved it so much I bought all 3 styles!" – Olivia C

    Get it at Amazon, £6.50 or in the US for $14.81.

    7. These fish pencil cases to hold all your pens in place.

    Get it from Ohh Deer, £22.50 or in the US for $29.37.

    8. This delightful stencil to doodle with.

    Promising review: "Absolutely brilliant little tool, Fits perfectly in the back of your Bullet Journal, helps the less artistic BUJOs amongst us! Quick delivery and great quality!" – Paula

    Get it from Amazon, £4.45 or in the US for $9.99.

    9. These Zebra Mildliners that will make your notebooks and planners extra colourful.

    Promising review: "These are the exact highlighters I'd seen on Tumblr and are my favourite thing in my pencil case. Every pen works perfectly and a year on, they still all work as if they were brand new. Honestly, I don't think I would've gotten through my GCSE's without them. The little paperclip freebie was absolutely adorable I must add." – Shabana

    Get it from Amazon, £18.50 or in the US for $14.82.

    10. These gloriously fine pens for precision perfect notes.

    Promising review: "I used these for the first time today, sitting in the garden with my new colouring book. They are first rate: lovely vibrant colours and easy to use. I only wish I'd bought a larger packet of maybe 20 shades. Colours include: red, blue, yellow, forest green, grass green, brown, a beautiful violet, pink, orange and black." – An Amazon Woman

    Get them from Amazon, £15.54 or in the US for $13.64.

    11. This super handy deskpad for planning everything.

    Get it from Oh Deer, £7.95 or in the US for $10.38.

    12. This cat post-it dispenser for stationery AND cat lovers.

    Promising review: "I bought this for my cat crazy work college and it sits proudly on her desk. Takes no effort now when trying to get a post it! brilliant invention and so cute :)" – CiaraDub9

    Get it from Amazon, £8.12 or in the US for $15.45.

    13. Indulge in these ultra sophisticated gel liners.

    Promising review: "Beautiful and vibrant colours but they run relatively quickly compared to other pens that I own. I would repurchase though as they are still very nice and smooth to write with. They look beautiful in my notes!" – Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon, £10.39 or in the US for $15.

    14. This pack of five notebooks you can customise to your heart's content.

    15. This set of three rainbow pencils.

    Get them from Ohh Deer, £5.95 or in the US for $7.77.

    16. These super cute disposable fountain pens.

    Promising review: "These pens write very smoothly, they never splurge ink even if shaken, unlike an expensive ink pen you don't have to worry if you lose it (sad that it may be!), if you want a very fine (detailed) mark you can even flip the nib over 180' and hey presto." – Dr T R Skule

    Get it from Amazon, £2.60 or in the US for $5.99.