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November 19, 2017

Here's Why Having A Baby Via Surrogate Was "A Harder Experience" Than Kim Kardashian Expected

"Anyone that says or thinks it's just the easy way out is just completely wrong. "

Which Moments From "Parks And Recreation" Still Make You Laugh?

“And I will call my new Italian fast casual eatery, 'the Low-Cal Calzone Zone.'”

Justin Bieber's Manager Was Asked About Bieber's Breakdown And His Answer Was Heartbreaking

"[Justin] called me and said, 'This happened. Enough is enough.'"

24 Employees Who Tried, They Really Tried

Some of these folks might need a day off.

What Cleaning Hacks Did You Learn Working In Restaurants?

"If you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean."

Top 5 Steak Dinners

Not making these recipes would be a huge missed steak

Jeffrey Tambor Leaves "Transparent" Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

"This is no longer the job I signed up for four years ago," the actor said in a statement Sunday.

What Is One Forgotten '90s Kids Movie That You Think Every Kid Should Watch Today?

And maybe one that '90s kids should go back and check out as well.

Create An Insane Fast Food Mega-Meal And We'll Guess Your Age

Remember, this is an imaginary meal with imaginary calories.



21 Tweets From This Week That Are So Funny You'll, Like, Actually Laugh

"My dentist can do it all, from a simple cleaning to identifying my charred remains."

「飲めば痩せる」健康食品に初の行政処分 効果効能をうたうからくりとは?




18 Girlfriends And Boyfriends Who Are Hilariously Savage

BF: "Do you really need that perfume?" GF: "Do I really need you?"

Are You Ready To Make Some Impossible Chocolate Vs. Cheese Decisions?

This might drive you a little bit crazy. Sorry!

17 Times "Parks And Rec" Made You Laugh Hysterically And 12 Times It Made You Weep

"I am having so many thoughts and feelings that I'm paralyzed right now."

An NFL Player Says The Groping Allegations Against Jameis Winston Are “Not True”

But a lawyer for Kate, the former Uber driver who accused Winston of groping her during a ride in 2016, said Sunday, “no one else was in the car” besides Winston. The NFL is investigating the allegations.

Do You Already Know The Songs From "Reputation" Off By Heart?

You've been listening for a week straight, so it's time to put your knowledge to the test.

16 Times Tom Hanks Proved He Is An Absolute Gem Of A Human

We will never be worthy of the Hanx.

26 Tips That Will Make Finding A Therapist Less Miserable

Therapy is awesome. Finding a therapist that you click with can suck.

35 Questions Twitter Has For Americans

Honestly, there are some valid points here but I still will never be DTF with mushy peas.

5 Egg Recipes For Breakfast Lovers

These recipes are EGGcelent

7 DIY Household Cleaners

Be your own Mr. Clean

Russell Simmons Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A 17-Year-Old Model In 1991

Keri Claussen Khalighi told the Los Angeles Times that Simmons assaulted her in his apartment with director Brett Ratner present. Simmons and Ratner both deny the allegation.

These Soothing Fall Pictures Will Determine Your Cold/Warm Weather Preference

Are you a warm weather person or a cold weather person?

We Went Looking For The Best Car To Make Out In And Found It

You need a car that has space in the front, but even more space in the back.

Adult Vs. Teen Concert Outfit Challenge

Sometimes you have to see yourself a whole different way.

This Woman Found Out Her Father Was A Torturer — And Wants Everyone To Know

Under a brutal dictatorship in Argentina, thousands of people were killed, and babies snatched from their mothers' arms. Children of the perpetrators are now coming together to speak out against their fathers — forming a substitute family after being banished from their own.

19 Protein-Packed Dinners That You'll Actually Want To Eat

So your stomach isn't making a fuss while you're trying to go to bed.

9 Tipps, um dein Bücherregal zu organisieren

Mehr Bücher! Mehr Bücher! Mehr Bücher!

The Director Of The Year’s Most-Hyped Movie Isn’t Playing Hollywood’s Game

Sean Baker gained renown for shooting his last film completely on an iPhone. Now, people are calling The Florida Project this year’s Moonlight — a little film built on a big and expansive idea.

You Can Shop Black Friday Sales Pretty Much For Months Now

People are expected to spend more on holiday shopping this year than they did last year. Perhaps in part because the starting gun for holiday sales keeps getting earlier.

The Democrat Running Against Roy Moore Is Barely Getting Any Attention And He's Really OK With That

Doug Jones is trying to run a typical Senate campaign in an entirely untypical environment.

25 Tweets That Are So Good They Deserve To Be In The Twitter Hall Of Fame

The inductees into the totally not fake Twitter Hall of Fame are...

13 Of The Most Unforgettable Makeovers From "The Oprah Show"

YOU get a makeover! YOU get a makeover! EVERYBODY GETS A MAKEOVERRRRRR!

21 Historical Pictures Of What Life Was Like For Muslims In London That Will Make You Say “Wow”

A look at the historical photos and documents in the UK's first archive dedicated to British Muslims.



Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe Still Hasn’t Stepped Down — Despite A Deadline Set By His Own Party

"We must learn to forgive and resolve contradictions, real or perceived, in a comradely Zimbabwean spirit," the 93-year-old president said in a highly anticipated address to the nation in which he failed to stand aside.



Philip Hammond Actually Said "There Are No Unemployed People" In A Live TV Interview

According to official statistics, there were 1.42 million unemployed people in the UK between July and September this year.

21 Kinda Boring But Low Key Life-Changing Things To Buy For Your House

Not a day goes by where I don't thank God for my slow cooker. No joke.

Give Us Eight Of Your Preferences And We'll Tell You Which Hogwarts House You Belong In

Are you a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin?



This Is What It's Like When Your Wife Is Held Prisoner In A Country 3,500 Miles Away

“She’s part of my life all the time, in a very different way. But that’s campaign Nazanin, rather than the real Nazanin.”





19 historias de miedo sobre tampones que te harán estremecerte y luego vomitar

"Y por eso me vi obligada a sacar un tampón usado del culo de mi perra".



Women Dressed As Handmaids Are Protesting To Get Politicians To Take A Pro-Choice Pledge

"The person you vote for could determine whether or not abortion remains in the Criminal Code in Queensland."

CHEMISTRYが明かす 壮絶なデビューの舞台裏


17 Sex Stories That Are So Fucking Hot, You'll Probably Masturbate To Them

You might want to open this in an incognito tab.



ついやってない? こんな行為はセクハラにあたるかも


32 Celebrity Tweets That Have Haunted Me For Years

"Sit on your own damn face; I'm busy." —Cherilyn "Cher" Sarkisian, 2012.

Here's What The Star Of "Taina" Is Up To 15 Years After The Series Ended

"No one's going to stop me, you'll see. I will go far!"

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