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22 Surprisingly Stylish Things You Can Get At Walmart

*does a double take*

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Side-zippered faux suede ankle booties with criss-cross detailing I've been fawning over for the past half hour.


3. A dangerously cozy off-the-shoulder sweater competing to win the title of FBFF: Fall Best Friend Forever.

Just like the photo model, you also won't be able to stop petting yourself! And who can blame ya when your sweater is so soft!

Price: $13.59 (sizes S-XL; two colors)

5. A cold shoulder swing dress that proves dropping temps shouldn't stop you from showing a little bit of skin.


8. A tri-fold wallet embellished with a dainty brass arrow and a generous interior — look at all those slots and pockets! Your cash and cards can finally stretch out their ~digits~.

9. A darling ruffle-trimmed sweater that's sure to ~fill a hole~ (or two!) in your wardrobe.

10. A lovely rose gold ring dotted with sterling silver that is totally fit for a princess (on a slight budget) — even monarchs go through rough times, you know.


11. Rosy mirrored aviators that are actually very nice and well-mannered — contrary to popular belief, they won't ~glare~ at you (nor will they let their close friend, the sun).

They also won't take it too personally if you accidentally drop them (impact-resistant) or if your cat takes a swipe at 'em (scratch-resistant), but I heard it's best not to test that feline-aviators relationship, period.

Price: $10

12. Trendy wide leg pants with the ability to impress your bosses — due to your impeccably sophisticated style, of course.


17. A free-flowing peasant dress that will ebb and flow in the wind as you walk — because you deserve to feel lavish on your afternoon errand runs.