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November 20, 2017

CBS And PBS Fire Charlie Rose After 8 Women Accuse Him Of Sexual Harassment

"It is essential that these women know I hear them and that I deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior," the broadcaster said in a statement. "I am greatly embarrassed."

The 5 Best Classic Cookie Recipes

Release your inner cookie monster

Everyone Hates This Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts Recipe And It's Hilarious

This will bring everyone together in these trying times.

A dos meses del sismo, solo han atendido 6 de los edificios que necesitan demolición

Muchos inmuebles siguen acordonados, los vecinos han tenido que montar carpas para vigilar las viviendas— algunas hasta abandonadas por las autoridades.

27 Stylish Diaper Bags You'll Actually Want To Carry

These baby bags are anything but basic baby bags.

10 Incredible Brazilian Illustrators You Should Follow On Instagram

Gorgeous 'grams at the ready, in honor of Brazil's Black Awareness Day.

59 Gifts We're Wishing For This Year

From cozy jackets to quirky books to useful kitchen gadgets, here's what BuzzFeed's Shopping & Products team is wishing for this year.

Tell Us Your Tricks For Being Productive And Getting Shit Done

How do you stay on track and get shit done?

The One Thing You May Not Have Noticed About Blu Cantrell's "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops)" Video

OK, did she really go on a shopping spree at Neiman Marcus? Hmm.

As Allegations Resurface, Democrats Don’t Have A Unified Strategy For Dealing With Bill Clinton

“I think it’s OK for people to have questions about former presidents and allegations against current presidents,” said one old top Hillary Clinton campaign aide.

Black Hood's Identity On "Riverdale" Will Be Revealed Very Soon

We won't have to put up with this all season!

This Transgender Professor Just Won A $1 Million Jury Verdict In A Major Case Against A University

“We can win even when the government is not recognizing our rights.”

43 Questions Twitter Has For Australians

We have a lot to answer for, apparently.

The Kylie Cosmetics Pop-Up Shows Traditional Retail Still Has Legs

Kylie Jenner's cosmetics line is in pop-ups in Topshop stores across the country, and the retailer hopes her online lip kit fans will follow her into their stores.

We Witnessed The Exorcism Of Bekki Magenheim

"The fire is on. The fire is on. The fire is burning you right now from head to toe!" Welcome to the latest installment of Shane and Ryan's unsolved ghosthunter mystery tour.

Toffoli diz que CPI da JBS não tem poder para investigar acordo de delação premiada

Ministro do STF suspendeu convocação de ex-chefe de gabinete de Rodrigo Janot e disse que Congresso não pode abrir sindicância para apurar atos “estritamente relacionados” à competência do Judiciário.

The Justice Department Just Sued AT&T To Block Its $85.4 Billion Takeover Of Time Warner

The landmark antitrust move prevents the merger of the world’s largest telecommunications provider and third-largest entertainment firm.


情報筋によると、ネットフリックスのダークな政治ドラマ「ハウス・オブ・カード」を背負って立っていたケヴィン・スペイシーは、その影響力を利用して、撮影現場でプロとして不適切な破廉恥行為をしていたという。BuzzFeed Newsが、一大スクープであるスペイシーのセクハラ疑惑について最初に報じた後、同ドラマの関係者数人がインタビューに応じた。

34 Coats To Keep You Warm This Winter That Won't Break The Bank

When it comes to being warm and toasty, I have no chill.



5 Snack Recipes For Your Next Sleepover

Invite your pals, rent some movies, and make these desserts at your next sleepover

4 Zesty Vegan Meals

Vegan. Chinese. Takeout.

12 Extremely Cute Dogs You'll Recognize From Movies

From Pups in the Pictures, an illustrated history of dogs in Hollywood.

Trump Adds North Korea To Terror List

President Trump announced North Korea will be added to the list of state sponsors of terror, a designation that has not been applied to the rogue nation since 2008.

When Should You Get Married?

Ever wonder what time of year you should tie the knot? Here you go!

In A Win For Trump, The Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Just Cleared A Big Hurdle In Nebraska

The approval of TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline in Nebraska comes as the company responds to a massive oil leak on another pipeline in South Dakota. Trump has been a vocal supporter of the project despite concerns over its environmental impact.

We Ordered Glasses Online From Four Different Sites, And Here's What It Was Like

All the dos and don'ts to help you find your perfect pair.

Estos son todos los looks del desfile de moda de Victoria's Secret

Este año VS colaboró con Balmain para crear una colección sensacional.

Here's How Celebrities Are Mourning The Death Of Della Reese

"The great Della Reese was one of the great influences in my life." Betty Buckley said. "She taught me so much about singing, phrasing and clarifying lyrics."

These Comics Are Basically Universally Relatable

Reza Farazmand's new book Comics For a Strange World really has humanity pegged.

Imagine Not Stanning Aly & AJ's Pop Comeback

We honestly don't deserve it.

The Justice Department Just Announced Millions Of Dollars For Police Who Promise To Report Undocumented Immigrants

The Trump administration is taking a carrot-and-stick approach to making local police department's crack down on illegal immigration. This was nearly $100 million in carrots.

29 Products For People Who Are Totally Turned On By Organization

Labels, bins, dividers, and planners. Ugh, I love it when you talk organization to me.

Someone Call A Doctor, Because This Guy Just Got His Girlfriend A New Hair Salon And I'm Dead

"Imma give you the world, I promise. Take over this game, girl."

There's Still No Official Version Of How This Border Patrol Agent Died In Texas

Rogelio Martinez, 36, died Sunday morning after being injured in Texas's Big Bend area.

A Year After Pledging Openness, Apple Still Falls Behind On AI

A year ago, Apple pledged it would engage more with the academic research community. But today, AI experts say it’s still not enough.

Which Pinay Beauty Queen Are You?

Sayo na ang korona.

The US Military Is Bombing The Taliban's Drug Labs To Cut Off Their Funding

US aircraft destroyed 10 drug processing labs in Taliban-controlled areas of Afghanistan in what commanders said is a new phase of the 16-year-old war there.

35 Affordable Pieces Of Jewelry That Look Like A Million Bucks

Everything's under $30 (but no one will be able to tell).

How To Make This Bacon-Cheddar Loaded–Cheeseburger

This burger *might* be better than takeout

All 74 Looks From The 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

This year VS teamed up with Balmain and spoiler alert: the results were FIRE.

Georgia Dome Imploded After 25 Years

The stadium was completed in 1992 and was the largest covered stadium of its time.

Why Do You Love Your Local Indie Bookstore?

They aren't just bookstores; they're community builders.

Serena Williams' Wedding Was Practically An Awards Show Because It Was Full Of Celebs

The greatest of all time for the greatest of all time.

This $35 Hair Dryer And Diffuser Is A Game-Changer For Curly Hair

Me, even though I've owned this for seven years: "WHY didn't I buy this sooner?"

All The Best Pre-Black Friday Deals On Amazon

Deals on slow cookers, furniture, headphones, and more!

An diesen Punkten sind die Jamaika-Sondierungen gescheitert

Was genau war jetzt eigentlich so schwer für die FDP? Hier steht's.

Tambor Bows Out Of “Transparent”

After multiple allegations of sexual harassment, Jeffrey Tambor leaves his starring role on “Transparent.”

Triple meurtre devenu «drame familial» : la couverture de l’affaire de Sarcelles énerve

Les expressions utilisées par de nombreux médias pour qualifier le triple homicide perpétré samedi par un policier et son suicide ont été beaucoup critiquées sur les réseaux sociaux.

27 Things That'll Help You Be So Much Better At Life

They basically do the work for you.

Vote Leave Is Being Investigated Over A Possible Breach Of Election Laws During The EU Referendum

The Electoral Commission is investigating Vote Leave's last-minute £625,000 donation to a young student after questions were first raised by BuzzFeed News.

14 Reasons "Lady Dynamite" Is The Funniest Show On Netflix

"I don't know what I'm doing more than half of the time."

Women Are Applauding Ashley Graham's Subtle Shade At The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

"Imagine seeing girls like Ashley Graham walking the VS runway it'd be fucking amazing."

Fast nirgendwo in Europa ist der Gender Pay Gap so groß wie in Deutschland

Nur Estland und Tschechien schneiden noch schlechter ab.

Sources: McMaster Mocked Trump’s Intelligence At A Private Dinner

At dinner at a lobbying hotspot with a powerful tech CEO, the national security adviser said the president has the intelligence of a “kindergartner,” according to sources. Oracle and the Trump administration deny the comments.

Ce soufflé au chocolat, c'est du gâteau

Si vous pensiez que "soufflé" rimait avec difficulté...

8 Life-Changing Beauty Products You Should Try Right Now

Tried, tested, and loved by BuzzFeed editors!

Literally Just 19 Hilariously Relatable Tweets About The Midlands

Imagine not knowing what Birds Bakery is. So sad.

Order From A Kids Menu And We'll Reveal How Many Kids You'll Have

And then they'll eventually order from a kids menu. Full circle!

Women Trained Like WWE Superstars And It Was Intense

Who's ready for a smackdown? BIG thanks to WWE for hosting us! Michelle Khare:

Moving To A Big City

It's a lonely adventure.

Tinder Dates Review Each Other's Google Search Histories

"The point is we don't really know each other."

Phrases You Should Know In India

"Sar pe chutiya likha hai kya?"

Novo diretor da PF prega união com procuradores e diz que deve aumentar equipe que investiga políticos

Fernando Segovia, contudo, não garantiu que os atuais delegados que atuam no Supremo continuarão no cargo.

A Woman Says Sen. Al Franken Grabbed Her Buttocks While Taking A Photo In 2010

Lindsay Menz said she felt "violated and embarrassed" by Franken's alleged actions.

Zimbabwe’s Future Uncertain As Mugabe Stays Put

Robert Mugabe’s refusal to step down after ruling Zimbabwe for 37 years, has prompted his own party to consider impeachment proceedings.

22 Tweets That Will Make You Say "Wow, The Kardashian-Jenners Are Weird"

"I just sharted myself. That's when u fart and u shit yourself on accident!"

Alguien se ha dado cuenta de que Amaia de OT es la actriz 360 de Paquita Salas

Necesitamos un cameo de Amaia en 'Paquita Salas' y lo necesitamos YA.

19 Times Susan Calman Was A Fucking Hilarious Scottish Superstar

Even if she doesn't win Strictly, she's WON ALL OF OUR HEARTS.

Thanks To Blockchain, You Can See What Your Thanksgiving Turkey Looked Like As A Child

As food companies embrace blockchain to track their products, a major turkey producer is letting customers look up information about their individual birds online.

What Toy Does Your Kid Never Get Tired Of Playing With?

Tell us about their favorite toys they never got bored of!

24 Children's Books That'll 100% Make You Cry

You definitely can't read these aloud without getting choked up.

Culture du viol, harcèlement de rue, agressions : voici ce que sept d'entre nous ont vécu

Sept employées de BuzzFeed France, entre 27 et 33 ans ont subi des dizaines d'agressions, d'actes de harcèlement et de comportements inacceptables. Une petite fenêtre sur un problème systémique.

25 Awesome Products You Didn't Know You Could Customize

If you like them, then you should put your name (or face or pet or ______) on it.

What Were The Best Shows And Movies On Netflix In 2017?

My resolution is to spend all of 2018 on Netflix.

Leigh Corfman Says In Her First Television Interview That Roy Moore Undressed And Touched Her When She Was 14

"I wonder how many mes he doesn't know," Corfman said in an interview on the Today show, when asked for a response to Moore's denial that he knows her.

7 Vitally Important Issues Have Taken A Backseat Because Of A Movie

A fictional queen has taken precedence over unbreathable air, a dysfunctional parliament, Aadhaar deaths and many other pressing matters.

23 Dog Tweets That Are Never Not Funny

"dog: me: i would die for you"

After Eight Years On The Sidelines, This Conservative Group Is Primed To Reshape The Courts Under Trump

Trump's judicial nominees — and the administration lawyers vetting them — have deep ties to the Federalist Society, a prominent conservative lawyers group. But conservatives brush off charges that decisions are being outsourced to the group.

21 Amazing Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

A waffle maker, adjustable showerhead, interactive dog toy, and 18 other products on Amazon that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people absolutely *adore*.

24 Things You Only Know If You're 50% Adult, 50% Child

*Saves money* *Spends savings* "Life's too short! What if I die tomorrow!"

Here’s What You Need To Know About What's Happening In Germany Right Now

Angela Merkel finds herself in an unusual position: She is vulnerable.

Pink Isn't Here For Anyone Saying She Was Shading Christina Aguilera At The AMAs Last Night

"I am in awe of Christina's talent. Show the clip where I'm in tears, you negative Nancy's."

El vídeo que deberías ver si, como mujer, sientes la presión estética en tus propias carnes

'Miedo' es el corto que habla alto y claro de por qué esta presión también es violencia.

A Male CEO Has Apologized After Saying That This Female Tech Designer Wasn’t Real

"No man has to prove himself this way. They can take a picture of a finished product and everyone believes them," Naomi Wu told BuzzFeed News.

12 LGBT Stories By Indian Authors That Everyone Should Read

Add some diversity to your reading list.

What Is It Like Being Transgender On Tinder In India?

Fascinating, validating, hilarious, and sometimes scary.

Clínicas da Cidade do México estão oferecendo aborto para mulheres que não estão grávidas

Uma investigação do BuzzFeed News Mexico confirmou que três clínicas privadas estavam oferecendo serviços de aborto a mulheres que não estavam grávidas.

¿Cómo de bien te fijas en los pequeños detalles?

¿Cómo de bien te fijas en los pequeños detalles?

Jamaika ist gescheitert - wie geht es jetzt weiter?

Minderheitsregierung, Neuwahlen oder doch eine Große Koalition? Das sind jetzt die Optionen.

Äh … Schauen wir uns mal an, wie wir uns als Teenager angezogen haben und was sie heute tragen

Millie Bobby Brown ist 14 Jahre alt und ich werde niemals so viel Stil haben wie sie.



20 total ehrliche Geständnisse von Therapeuten, die mit Kindern arbeiten

Kinder sollten sich nicht um Kriege und Gewalt in der Welt sorgen, aber sie tun es.

There's A Lot Of Concern For Poor Ed Sheeran Being Made To Hang Out With Bollywood Celebs In Mumbai

"Those photos of Sheeran partying with the B'wood elite is what I imagine a hostage would look like when told to smile for the camera."

11 fotos espectaculares que capturan la verdad entre hermanas

"La hermandad es una de las relaciones humanas más complejas que a menudo es subestimada".

17 witzige Tweets, mit denen die Leute auf Lindners Abbruch der Jamaika-Verhandlungen reagieren

"Vermutlich hat Christian Lindner noch Fotos für eine zweite Plakatwelle die er allen zeigen möchte."

The 20 Most Pure And Memorable Moments From The Ed Sheeran Concert In Mumbai

There was a LOT of brilliant music, feels, and the best awkward face ever.

とろーり、サクサク♪ れんこんのはさみ揚げあんかけ

ほっこりメニュー◎ おつまみや、お弁当のおかずにどうぞ!







Diese 22 Orte in der Kimberley Region sind wie gemacht für Instagram

Wandere durch Schluchten, entspann dich am Strand oder gönn dir einen Drink am See – du hast die Wahl!

18 Dinge, die du nirgendwo außer im Nordwesten Australiens machen kannst

Es fühlt sich wahrlich an wie auf einem anderen Planeten.

Turkish Officials Have Banned All LGBT Events In The Capital City

The governor's office in Ankara announced the move Sunday, citing threats to "public safety."

Mass Murderer Charles Manson Dies At 83

The leader of the cult-like "Manson Family" shocked the nation with two nights of bloody killings in 1969, including the murder of pregnant actor Sharon Tate.

18 Places Around The Gold Coast That Are Photogenic As Hell

It's so much more than clubbing and hungover beach swims.

Which Books Sparked Your Sexual Awakening?

What did you read ~under the covers~?

How Many Of These 225 Christmas Movies Have You Actually Seen?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Tell Us What You're Most Proud Of Doing In 2017

Shower us with those achievements.

Here Are The 7 Best Pies On The Road From Sydney To Canberra

The Aussiest food post that ever existed.

Need A Dress? Good News! They're 50% Off At Tobi Right Now

Time to stock up for all the holiday parties you have on your calendar.

Trump Says He Should've Left UCLA Basketball Players In A Chinese Jail, Calls Family "Ungrateful"

The president tweeted the comments Wednesday after LaVar Ball, the father of one of the players, downplayed Trump's role in getting them released from China.

The Government Cancelled A Week Of Parliament, But Lots Of Pollies Are Turning Up Anyway

"Parliament will sit on Monday. Whether it sits on the garden lawn, or whether it sits in a building, we don't care."

A Group Of Activists Want To Buy The Weinstein Company And Give Profits To Assault Victims

“These films are toxic,” said one activist. “Watching them is a direct investment in rape culture. [Our] buyout turns all of that on its head.”

Flash Briefing For November 20, 2017

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe surprised everyone by not resigning, Jeffrey Tambor is leaving “Transparent” amid sexual harassment allegations, an actor has accused a “Girls” writer of sexual assault, and you can shop Black Friday sales pretty much for months now.

Are You Betty, Veronica, Or Cheryl?

I don't follow the rules, I make them.

30 Iconic Fashion Trends That Defined Every '00s School Disco

Looking good was all about having the sharpest zig-zag parting.

24 Things People Should, But Don't, Tell You About Having Kids

"Children shape and teach you just as much as you shape and teach them." H/T Quora

Create Your Own Superhero And We'll Reveal If You're More Marvel Or DC

With great power comes great responsibility.

This Abstract Color Quiz Will Reveal What You REALLY Want In Life

Trust your first instinct as you take this quiz.

25 Celebs You Probably Didn't Notice In Your Favorite '00s Disney Channel Shows

Melissa McCarthy voiced the character DNAmy on Kim Possible.

23 TV Facts That'll Just Make You Feel Old AF

Warning: This post might make you sprout gray hairs.

29 Things You Can Buy From Wayfair's Black Friday Blowout Sale Right Now

Up to 80% off, people! Your dream home is within reach.

All The Looks At The American Music Awards

Here's what everyone wore!

Theresa May Has Been Urged To Crack Down On "Unscrupulous" Gig Economy Employers

"As it seeks to negotiate the best possible Brexit deal, the government must not allow addressing urgent issues in Britain’s labour market to fall by the wayside."

23 Workplace Horror Stories That'll Make You Say "WTAF?????"

"My manager shows up while I’m having chemotherapy to talk about work."

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