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November 14, 2017

21 Reactions To The "Yes" Result That Will Make You Cry Happy Tears

After months of campaigning Australia voted "yes".

Do You Have Normal Taste In Donuts?

This should be fun and not at all contentious.

En Puebla están organizando una boda sin novios para recaudar fondos y reconstruir un poblado

La iniciativa "Me caso con México" busca recaudar fondos para la reconstrucción del municipio de Chietla.

What's The Wildest Thing That Happened To You As A Working Woman?

Tfw when you're 4, 5 seconds from wildin'.

We Told Some Of Our Grossest Date Stories

"I just so happened to let one rip... it sounded a little wet."

22 Life-Changing Products For People Who Drive

You may want some of these things even if you don't own a car.

When Dentists Criticize This Online Braces Company, It Takes Them To Court

SmileDirectClub is trying to silence its critics with legal threats after the American Association of Orthodontists lodged complaints against the Nashville startup in 36 states.

Lawmakers Slam Violence At UHS Hospital In Alabama

Their criticism follows a BuzzFeed News investigation that showed staff members assaulting young patients.

The 7 Most Thrilling Moments From The Donair Live Cam

A Halifax donair shop recently launched a 24/7 livestream of the donair meat spinning on its spit, and it's a beautiful thing.

A Third Woman Says "Gossip Girl" Star Ed Westwick Sexually Assaulted Her

Rachel Eck says she was sexually assaulted at a Hollywood hotel in 2014. The actor "pulled me onto the bed and aggressively groped me," she said.

Alarmed By "Unstable" Trump, Congress Questions President's Nuclear Authority For First Time In 40 Years

But the experts said there was really no way to prevent a president from launching a nuclear strike.

Who Wants To Be A Zillionaire? Top 1% Has Half Of All Household Wealth

It's official: A report from the Swiss bank Credit Suisse says it's good to be at the top.

"One Tree Hill" Showrunner Is Suspended After Former Cast Accuses Him Of Sexual Harassment

"Many of us were spoken to in ways that ran the spectrum from deeply upsetting, to traumatizing, to downright illegal."

Forever 21 May Have Been Hacked

The company said Tuesday it is investigating a potential data breach involving card transactions between March and October of this year.

24 Respuestas brutales que recibió Peña Nieto tras quejarse de que le hacían bullying

Por querer desacreditar a sus críticos, le llovió carrilla y aquí tienes la mejor:

What's The Biggest Penis You've Ever Seen?

Because size really does matter.

Republicans Are Trying To Dismantle Obamacare Again — This Time Through Tax Reform

Senate Republicans announced Tuesday they would include repeal of the individual mandate — a key part of the Affordable Care Act — in their tax plan.

Perseguir gays pode levar Estado Islâmico a processo na Corte Penal Internacional

Se o caso for aceito, será a primeira vez que a perseguição contra pessoas LGBT seria julgada como um crime contra a humanidade.

Na DC Comics, editor cresceu nos escalões da empresa mesmo depois de ser acusado de assédio sexual

Na última segunda-feira e após o BuzzFeed publicar uma reportagem sobre as denúncias, Eddie Berganza foi demitido do seu cargo.

Desembargador citou jurista Michel Temer ao autorizar operação contra cúpula do PMDB no Rio

Entre os alvos da operação estavam o empresário Jacob Barata e Filho e o presidente da Assembleia Legislativa do Rio, Jorge Picciani.

How Do You Make Yourself Feel Better When You’re Having a Shitty Day?

Looking for all the simple ways you lift your self-esteem during tough times.

Esta historia acerca de la presentación de Taylor Swift en el show de Jimmy Fallon te romperá el corazón

"Sea lo que sea que pienses acerca de Taylor, ella hizo algo hermoso por Jimmy y por nuestro show el día de hoy, y siempre estaremos agradecidos".

Sessions Defends Russia Comments

In testimony before the House Judiciary Committee today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions responded to questions about his contact with Russia.

Walmart Will Sell High-End Brands In A New Deal With Lord & Taylor

Facing off against Amazon, will sell products for Lord & Taylor in spring 2018.

34 Pre-Sleep Fantasies That Will Make You Say "I Thought I Was The Only One"

From adventurous to romantic to straight-up heartbreaking.

This 3-Year-Old Boy's Best Friend Is A Leaf Blower

"He does have soft toys — a whole basket full of them. But he never cuddles them like he does with tools," Riot's mom told BuzzFeed News.

25 Things From The Walmart Warehouse Sale You'll Definitely Want

Deals on basically everything you've ever wanted for your home, from pillows to pizza ovens.

How The Internet Killed The World’s Most Important Punctuation Mark

We are living in a world where the period, our most fundamental punctuation mark, is a loaded one.

Here's Everything That Happened On The First Day Of The Senate's Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Australians overwhelmingly voted in favour of same-sex marriage, 61.6% to 38.4%.

A Father Allegedly Punched His 4-Month-Old Daughter To Death Because She Wouldn't Stop Crying

He initially claimed the girl had become injured after falling out of a bed.

This Beauty App Takes Off Makeup In Pictures And, Yes, It Was Created By A Man

Honey, I already know what I look like without makeup. I don't need an app for that.

36 coisas que você talvez não saiba sobre a Glória Maria

Ela foi a primeira repórter negra da TV brasileira, esteve em mais de 150 países e diz que sofre preconceito até hoje.

We Wanna Know About The Worst Thanksgiving You've Ever Had

Sometimes it's a cornucopia of "WTF?"

6 Señales de que podrías tener diabetes

Si presentas algunos de estos síntomas, es hora de hacerte un chequeo.

Esta actriz confirmó que hay un catálogo de Televisa para tener encuentros sexuales con empresarios

Kate del Castillo habló antes sobre la manera en la que la empresa ofrece a las actrices y, ahora, Alejandra Ávalos lo confirma.

Female Comics Like Me Have Dealt With Sexist Behavior For Too Long

I love being a stand-up comic, but we have to address the toxic misogyny in our community that enabled the behavior of Bill Cosby and Louis C.K.

Gunman Who Left Five Dead In California Rampage Tried To Kill Students At Elementary School

The shooter appeared to be "randomly picking targets" before he was killed by responding officers, officials said.

Globo pagou propina por direitos da Libertadores e da Sulamericana, diz delator do caso Fifa

É a primeira vez que a maior empresa de mídia brasileira é citada no caso. A emissora nega.

12 segredos que os dermatologistas nunca te dirão e 12 coisas que eles querem muito que você saiba

Pela CENTÉSIMA VEZ, nosso trabalho não é só espremer espinhas ou receitar cremes para o rosto.

I Tried A Fancy $100 Umbrella To See If It Was Better Than A $20 Umbrella

Why is it so embarrassing when your umbrella turns inside out? I don’t know, but it is, and I never want to deal with it again!

Sessions Believes Moore's Accusers

"I have no reason to doubt these young women," the attorney general said during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday.

Tell Us Your Thanksgiving Opinions And We'll Reveal Which "This Is Us" Character You Are

Will your favorite Thanksgiving activities match your favorite character?

13 pesadelos terríveis na vida de quem adora ficar sozinho

Como ter que tirar o fone pra falar com quem sentou do seu lado no ônibus.

The Rise Of Rose: How A Badass Nerd Became The New “Star Wars” Lead

Kelly Marie Tran is ready to conquer galaxies both near and far, far away.

36 curiosidades dos bastidores de "Grey’s Anatomy" que você provavelmente não sabia

Originalmente, Denny era um interesse amoroso de Cristina.

27 Incredible Products At Birchbox That People Actually Swear By

Some of these have over **49,000** five star reviews!! As in people! Who love these!

Robert Mugabe Is Under House Arrest After Army Takes Control Of Zimbabwe

Amid reports of gunfire and explosions in Harare, Zimbabwe's army appeared on national broadcaster ZBC to announce it was not attempting a military takeover.

The Teen Who Was Caught Stealing From An Uber Driver In A Viral Video Claims She’s Now Being Harassed

Gabrielle Canales wants to directly apologize to the Uber driver, and told BuzzFeed News, "What I did was foolish and uncalled for." But a lot of people are unforgiving.

16 Of Dr. Mindy Lahiri's Most Relatable Moments On "The Mindy Project"

"A best friend isn't a's a tier."

Secret Finding: 60 Russian Payments "To Finance Election Campaign Of 2016"

The FBI is scrutinizing more than 60 money transfers sent by the Russian Foreign Ministry to its embassies across the globe, most of them bearing a note that said the money was to be used “to finance election campaign of 2016.” A spokesperson for the Russian government said the money paid for overseas voting in its parliamentary election.

How Do You Maintain Eating Disorder Recovery During The Holidays?

We want to know little ways you get through the holidays.

Vadhir Derbez protagonizará un remake de 'Como si fuera la primera vez' y estamos 100% a favor

Ximena Romo también aparecerá en la nueva versión del clásico de Adam Sandler y Drew Barrymore.

Home Depot Projects Massive Hurricane Recovery Sales

The hurricanes boosted the company's sales by $282 million in recent months.

Coisas que todo mundo que namora há mais de cinco anos já fez

Sinal de uma relação saudável: peidar um na frente do outro.

18 conseils pour les ados LGBT venant de personnes qui sont passées par là

«N'essayez pas de coller une étiquette sur votre orientation sexuelle.»

If You Have A Random Sense Of Humour, These 24 Tweets Are Just For You

"I can't dance to this. My first husband was killed in a love shack."

19 piadas que só quem cresceu com uma irmã vai entender

Vocês passavam do amor ao ódio em um intervalo de 30 segundos.

Louise Erdrich, Great American Novelist, Is Just Getting Started

Erdrich, who publishes her 16th novel this month, has built one of the most impressive bodies of work by any American writer alive. And she’s happy to let that work speak for her.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on Thanksgiving essentials, craft supplies, grooming tools, and more!

Vos traits physiques sont-ils principalement dominants ou récessifs ?

Pas de besoin d'aller retrouver vos cours de SVT, on vous explique !

Estate Agents Said Millennials Could Buy A House If They Stopped Buying Sandwiches And People Are Mad

The estate agents who did the calculations seemed to assume that everyone will get £30,000 towards a house deposit from their parents.

Consentants, même à moins de 15 ans : pourquoi la justice française est-elle en retard ?

L’acquittement d’un homme poursuivi pour viol sur une mineure de 11 ans réinterroge sur la nécessité d’un âge minimum en dessous duquel un enfant ne peut être considéré comme sexuellement consentant.

This Barber Was Giving Free Haircuts To Homeless People So A Stranger Gave Him A New Barbershop

Tfw you realize there's still a lotta good people in the world.

16 Times Taylor Swift Explained Being 29

I don't know about you, but I'm feelin' 29.

24 Products For Your Bedroom That Prove The Future Is Now

Your robot butler is only a click away!

You Can Now Get Music And Makeup From Spotify

Music and makeup for everyone!

Puerto Rican Officials Just Got Grilled By Congress Over The Whitefish Electricity Contract

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló and power authority chief Ricardo Ramos testified before a skeptical Congress on Tuesday.

Here's What CW Stars Are Saying After Harassment Allegations Against A Producer

"To the brave women and men who are coming forward to condemn their abusers... I add my voice to the choir of support," Arrow star Caity Lotz said.

Jeff Sessions Says He Believes The Women Who Have Accused Roy Moore Of Sexual Misconduct

"I have no reason to doubt these young women," the attorney general said during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday.

Bruno Gagliasso posou de toalha na cabeça tentando retratar uma "mulher trans"

Pessoas trans criticaram nas redes sociais dizendo que "colocar uma toalha na cabeça não representa identidade".

12 Practical Under-$20 Things I Swear By In My Kitchen

Here's the budget-friendly stuff I'm obsessed with.

Répondez à ces 12 questions et on vous dit si vous êtes un connard

Il est temps d'assumer votre vraie personnalité.

8 Holy Grail Eye Creams, According To Reddit

Luxury, drugstore, and even DIY solutions for all your eye problems.

UberEats And Krispy Kreme Just Had A Total PR Disaster

This is what happens when you try and give away 36,000 free doughnuts.

31 Tweets That Will Make You Say "Wow The Human Race Is Weird"

"Got in yesterday spilt a fulllllllllllll! tub of pasta on the floor, stupid stupidd stupidddddd boy smelly pasta house."

Which Character Are You From "The Office" Based On The Thanksgiving Dinner You Plan?

I don't care what they say about me, I just wanna eat.

Contesta "Sí" o "No" a estas preguntas y te diremos si eres un "millennial viejo"

Ni tan Generación X, ni tan Millennial: un sano punto medio.

What Is Your Mum Identity?

Try on your mom jeans.

Si te han pasado 10 de estas 17 cosas, eres adicto a pedir comida a domicilio

Tal vez no tengas los teléfonos de tu familia guardados, pero sí los de tus restaurantes favoritos.

Democratic Congresswoman Alleges Two Sitting Lawmakers Have 'Engaged In Sexual Harassment'

Rep. Jackie Speier made the allegations at a hearing on preventing sexual harassment in the Congressional workplace on Tuesday.

Downing Street Has Contacted A TV Producer Who Said She Was Groped In Number 10

Officials have assured Daisy Goodwin that any complaint would be treated with the "utmost seriousness", a Whitehall source told BuzzFeed News.

Jeff Sessions Just Said He Now Remembers Knowing About A Trump Campaign Aide Who Communicated With Russia

The Attorney General has recused himself from the special counsel's investigation into Russian interference into the 2016 election and previously denied knowledge of contact between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Your Dinner Choices Will Reveal If You're More Low- Or High-Maintenance

The proof is in the pudding (and the starter, and the main).

So, Brownies On The Edge Of The Pan Are Trash And I'll Tell You Exactly Why

People who disagree are just trying to be "edgy." Sorry, that was bad.

Moore Denies Latest Accusation

Alabama Republican Roy Moore calls the latest accusation of sexual assault a “political maneuver” as a fifth woman came forward to say the Senate candidate abused her when she was a teenager.

Diese Apfelstreusel-Blondies sind ein goldbrauner Herbsttraum und ich bin verliebt

Beziehungsstatus: In einer festen Beziehung mit Apfel-Streusel-Blondies.

14 Things All New Moms Should Know

You're doing fine, I promise.

29 Of The Prettiest Wedding Dresses You've Ever Seen

Breathtaking bridal gowns for every budget!

Trump Advisers' Meetings In 2016 Bear The Hallmarks Of Russian Intelligence, Experts Say

“This just smacks of a classic intelligence operation,” said one retired CIA officer.

What Is Sex Like With A Micropenis?

Share your experience.

Ainda não entendemos este tuíte da Dilma

Mesmo sabendo que ela tuita ao contrário.

Estas fotos de vítimas e sobreviventes do terremoto no Irã são de cortar o coração

Mais de 500 pessoas morreram, 7.500 ficaram feridas e 70 mil estão desalojadas, segundo o governo iraniano — foi o tremor mais destrutivo registrado no mundo em 2017.

Take This Quiz If You Can't Decide How To Have Your Wedding Hair And Makeup

Should you have beachy waves or a sleek chignon?

This Sunrise Alarm Clock Is Perfect For People Who Hate Alarm Clocks

The contenders: $28 and $120. Waking up peacefully: priceless.

Vote nas eleições diretas para presidenta do pop

E também senadora, governadora, prefeita e vereadora.

Ex-governador de MS preso já tinha sido delatado por propina de R$ 114 milhões

De acordo com a delação da JBS, André Puccinelli (PMDB) cobrava propina em troca de isenções fiscais.

Caso tenha feito qualquer uma destas coisas, é racismo

Será que você não é parte do problema?

Liam Fox's Department Deleted A Tweet Linking To A Story That Attacked The Treasury

“It was a genuine mistake and as soon as we realised we deleted the tweet," a Department for International Trade spokesman said.

On a parlé à un dermatologue, et il a 23 conseils à vous donner

Pour la CENTIÈME FOIS, notre rôle ne se limite pas à éclater des boutons et à appliquer de la lotion.

18 Insanely Useful Products That'll Make Your Winter So Much Better

Including some cosy heated slippers, and an alarm clock that'll make those winter mornings a little better.

How Close To A Hundred Can You Score On This Movie Trivia Quiz?

All you have to do is complete the names of these movies.

A Female Domestic Abuse Victim Was Trafficked To The UK And Then Unlawfully Imprisoned, Lawyers Say

This week the High Court will hear lawyers argue that “Katy”, who was trafficked to the UK aged 16, was imprisoned unlawfully by British authorities after suffering domestic violence.

How Much Do These Unbelievable Berlin Apartments Cost?

Berlin has some of the best Airbnb apartments in the whole world. How much would you pay to stay in them?

One In Two Young Australian Women Surveyed Have Been Sexually Harassed In Public

Most women surveyed said they had never reported the harassment to police or other authority figures.

Esta é a planilha da propina de Jorge Picciani, segundo a Procuradoria

Propina para o presidente da Assembleia do Rio era transportada até em carros blindados, diz acusação.

24 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

A set of mermaid makeup brushes, travel pillow, stain remover stick, and 21 other favorite products from our recent posts.

32 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You Loved "Stranger Things 2"

Disclaimer: this post is 90% Steve Harrington and Bob, because nothing else matters.

PF prende ex-governador de MS por suspeita de propina

André Puccinelli (PMDB) foi preso em razão das suspeitas de integrar esquema que desviou R$ 235 milhões.

Harrowing Images Show Refugees Being Left To Drown At Sea

Fifty refugees died at sea as reporters filmed.

This Story About Taylor Swift's Performance On Jimmy Fallon Will Break Your Heart

"Whatever you think of Taylor, she did something beautiful for Jimmy and our show today, and we're forever grateful."

Um, Pikachu Speaks Actual Human Words In The New Pokémon Movie And It's Really Fucking Weird

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.

Operação Cadeia Velha atinge cúpula da Assembleia do Rio de Janeiro

Um dos mais influentes políticos do Rio e pai do ministro do Esporte, Jorge Picciani é suspeito de receber propina.

He descubierto que las escenas de 'Aquí no hay quien viva' están inspiradas en cuadros clásicos

El Grito de Munch es claramente la Hierbas diciendo uhhhhhhhhh.

32 Things That'll Make You Feel Unbelievably Cozy

Fleece pants. Candles. Twinkle Lights. Joy.

Combien de ces comédies musicales avez-vous vues ?

«You're the one that I want/You are the one I want/Ho, ho, ho honey.»





13 comptes Instagram qui vous feront vous sentir bien dans votre corps

Merci à toutes ces femmes de nous aider à nous accepter.



Veggie Wedges 4 Ways

Veggie Wedges 4 Ways

一瞬で吹きやんだ「風」 小池さん、希望の党代表を辞任


Veggie Nuggets

Veggie Nuggets

Facebook Has Finally Opened The Door To Admitting Russia Meddled In Brexit

The social media company has put out a carefully worded statement, shortly before Theresa May accused Russia of meddling in foreign elections.

Dean Smith Will Introduce His Same-Sex Marriage Bill Within Hours Of A “Yes” Vote

The motion is backed by a powerful cross-party coalition including senators from Labor, the Greens, and the crossbench.

People Are Freaking Out After This Guy Said Cheesy Pop-Tarts Were An Iowa Tradition

Place this man under arrest, Iowa State University Police.

安室奈美恵、40歳でミリオン達成 90年代の大ヒットアルバム、覚えてる?


This Is What The Cast Of "Peter Pan" Look Like Now

If you didn't have a crush on Peter Pan were you even a '00s kid?

一度は食べてみたい! マクドナルドのご当地メニューたち


Which “Friends” Character Should You Invite To Thanksgiving Dinner?

They'll be ~there for you~ for all the awkward conversations with relatives, too.

No, Saudi Arabia Did Not Behead Its First Female Robot Citizen

Sophia the robot still has a head on her shoulders.

Flash Briefing For November 14, 2017

A woman says Roy Moore groped and assaulted her when she was 16 years old, a judge ruled that the government can access Facebook accounts in the inauguration rioting case, Trump has tapped a former pharma executive to be the next health secretary, and people are smashing their Keurig coffee makers.

坂本龍一、JASRACに苦言 「襟を正して透明性の確保を」

映画の上映使用料、音楽教室… 是々非々のスタンスを語った

27 Jokes About Disney Channel That'll Make You Say, “I Really Love The Internet”

Stress level: Troy Bolton choosing between singing and basketball.

Donald Trump Jr. Corresponded With WikiLeaks About The Presidential Campaign

WikiLeaks tried to get Trump's eldest son to promote its work, leak his father's tax returns, and contest the results of the presidential race.

There's Some Seriously Messy Drama After Australia Named A Boat "Ferry McFerryFace"

An industry source told BuzzFeed News the name would only serve to dilute the history of Sydney Harbour.

33 Things From Hot Topic That You Absolutely Need

I am a grown-ass adult and I still unabashedly want everything in this damn store.

Two Women Say They Were Strip-Searched For Protesting About Australia's Offshore Detention Regime

"Strip-searching them was offensive, unreasonable and designed to intimidate."

Here Are The Best Movies To Watch When You Really Need To Cry

Make sure you are well hydrated before watching these.

Here Are Some Of The Absolute Best Looks From The Badass Ladies Of Hollywood At The 2017 Governors Awards

Just some badass ladies in some badass dresses...nothing more, nothing less.

Create A Fantasy Omelet And We'll Reveal A Deep Truth About You

Get ready to stare at your screen for a while.

Why The Government Needs To Look At How Anti-Muslim Racism Passes The Dinner Table Test

"It's not just about individual violent attacks... It is something that's structural."

A TV Producer Says She Was Groped By A Government Official In Downing Street

"At the end of the meeting we both stood up and the official, to my astonishment, put his hand on my breast," Daisy Goodwin told the Radio Times.

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