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November 26, 2017

All The Best Cyber Monday Deals On Products For Kids

From clothing to toys to decor, here are all the best deals on everything kid-related!

Emilia Clarke Wants You To Get Over The Fact That You've Seen Her Naked

"People fuck for pleasure — it’s part of life.”

23 Confessions From A Book Publicist

No, we haven't read your book.

26 Absolutely Gorgeous Things To Buy BHLDN's Wedding Sale

You may want to get married just to take advantage of this once-a-year sale!!!

Four Ways To Make Homemade Pretzels

And do the *pretzel* twist

Australian TV Gardening Celebrity Don Burke Has Been Accused Of Indecent Assault

Don Burke has been accused of indecent assault, sexual harassment, and bullying women during the run of his hit TV show Burke's Backyard.

All The Best Cyber Monday Deals On The Internet

Deals at American Eagle, Overstock, Asos, ModCloth, Wayfair, and more!

23 Hilarious Art History Memes That Pretty Much Nailed It

"When it's lit, but they won't let you in the club because you're Satan's mythical bat servant."

17 Memes About "Chopped," No More, No Less




All The Best Cyber Monday Home Deals

Deals at CB2, The Land of Nod, Wayfair, The Grommet, and more!

28 Things For Your Home To Get At Wayfair's Cyber Monday Sale

A gold-finish coffee table, closet organizing system, memory-foam mattress topper, and more... and they're all up to 80% off!

28 Movies That Are ACTUALLY Really Good

Warning: controversial Batman opinions ahead.

All The Best Cyber Monday Deals On Clothing And Accessories

Deals at Asos, Topshop, Aerie, Gap, and more!

There's No Way You Can Get Through These "Harry Potter" Posts Without Laughing

"My obsession with Harry Potter has gotten a bit... riddikulus."

The Director Of "Titanic" Just Revealed Why Rose Didn't Make Room For Jack On The Door

"It’s called art. Things happen for artistic reasons, not for physics reasons."

People Are Touched By The Birthday Flowers This Dad Planned For His Daughter Before He Died

"This is my last love letter to you until we meet again," a letter from the late father begins.

React To These Tweets And We'll Guess Your Age And How Over It You Are

*Opens Twitter.* *Closes Twitter.* *Opens Twitter.* *Closes Twitter.*

19 Jokes About Getting Sick That'll Make You Laugh Then Cry

"being sick is like taking a day off but in a dead persons body"

I Pranked My In-Laws With Rachel's Thanksgiving Trifle And It Did Not Taste Like Feet

Honestly, they should have been suspicious when I offered to make anything.

18 College Students Who Are Funny As Fuck

"PROFESSOR: What does ghosted mean? ME: What Brian over there did to me 3 wks ago"

All The Best Cyber Monday Beauty And Skincare Deals

Deals at ColourPop, Birchbox, Glossier, Soko Glam, NARS, and more.

Are You Actually Just The Worst?

Why are you the way that you are?

23 Practical Gifts For People Who Are Hard To Shop For

If you know someone who just kind of shrugs when you ask them what they want for Christmas or their birthday, and who just doesn't love STUFF, this list is for you.

6 Disney Dads: Hot Or Not?

When it comes to Disney movies, who are the real DILFs?

Instagram These Photos And We'll Reveal What People Like About You

To filter or not to filter? That is the question.

The New York Times Can't Figure Out Where Nazis Come From In 2017. Pepe Has An Answer.

The Times' favorite shitposter says he wasn't radicalized on the internet. But that's where his movement has been revived.

24 Things At ModCloth's Cyber Monday Sale That'll Make You Say, "Yes, Please"

Dresses, shoes, home goods, gifts... basically everything you could possibly want, all for 30% off (plus free shipping)!

Shop At Costco And We'll Guess Your Exact Age

Be honest, are you just here for the free samples?

This Exfoliating Foot Peel Is The Definition Of Gross But Satisfying

"If I had to describe this, I'd say it is the grossest yet most amazing thing that's ever happened to me."

Only A Legit Chef Can Identify All Of These Herbs And Spices

Are you a spice expert, or just straight-up bland?

More Than 180 Women Have Reported Sexual Assaults At Massage Envy

Across the US, people go to Massage Envy spas in search of a soothing, affordable escape. More than 180 people say what they got instead was sexual assault. But the billion-dollar company says that’s not its problem to solve. A BuzzFeed News investigation.

Why Lesbians And Other Queer Women Love Harry Styles

The pop star's sexual ambiguity and androgynous style have gained him a cult following from queer women — some of whom even discovered their own queerness thanks to him.

We Tried Khloé Kardashian's Diet For A Week And It Was Brutal

It's all about introducing healthier habits into your everyday life.

If You Owned 23/35 Of These Things In The '00s You Were 100% Emo

Did you have a tie you only wore with T-shirts?

John Conyers Will Step Down From Powerful Committee Post "During The Investigation" Of Sexual Harassment Claims

Conyers said he has notified Pelosi of his "request to step aside" while a House Ethics Committee investigation is underway.

21 Things Everyone Has Done At The Doctor But Won't Admit

*doctor leaves room* *touches all of the things*

24 Things Pregnant Women Wish They Could Feel More Guilty About, But They’re Too Busy Growing A Human

Using pregnancy as an excuse to get out of plans you don't want to keep.

How Would You Die On "The Good Place"?

Was your death forking embarrassing?

18 Of The Funniest Tweets By Women This Week

"Every time a man tells me to stop whining about feminism, i feel like saying 'you first.'"

Ten Long Years Of Trying To Make Armie Hammer Happen

How many second chances does a handsome white male star get?

This Is The One Thing Your Zodiac Sign Needs To Be Happy

Get ready to make some resolutions.

19 Cartoon Characters Every Black Kid Grew Up Admiring

Cyclops? I'm out. Give me Storm any day.



なんか見ていて気持ちいい! これ全部チョコやグミなんです


35 Things Every Makeup Addict Has Felt Slightly Guilty About Doing

Been to afraid to tell someone they have lipstick on their teeth, and then imagined them finding out and blaming you for it.

Legal Aid Cuts Have Ended Up Costing The Taxpayer Money Because Disputes Spiral

A Law Society report seen by BuzzFeed News shows early legal advice means people resolve their issues faster, costing the court system less.

著名人らによる「#子連れ会議OK」の輪が広がる 熊本市議の子連れ出席をうけ


This Quiz Will Reveal Why You And Your BFF Are Actually Friends

Is your relationship based on food, gossip, or something deeper?

#色彩能力者にしかわからない! 特殊な暗号クイズ


21 Times Little Mix Were The Ultimate Best Friends

Their music is good but their friendship is even better.



ポーラ店舗「中国の方出入り禁止」張り紙に本社が謝罪 迅速な対応に評価の声も


One Of This Year's Hottest Black Friday Buys Was Guns, FBI Data Shows

More than 200,000 background checks were made during Black Friday, signaling a strong day of gun sales.





21 Times Michel Was The Best Character On "Gilmore Girls"

In a world full of Jacksons, be a Michel.

21 Things That Will Make You Miss The Heck Out Of Elementary School

A time when we actually looked forward to Valentine's Day.

One Nation's Predicted "Shockwave" In The Queensland Election Didn't Happen

One Nation's state leader lost his seat, and the people of Ipswich chose to believe that the Labor incumbent was a better option than Malcolm Roberts.

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