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What's The Smartest Makeup Tip, Trick, Or Hack Every Beginner Should Know?

Share what made the difference for you!

What's the best makeup tip you think every beginner should know?

Maybe you use a spoon under your lower lashes, to avoid getting mascara beneath your eyes.

Maybe drawing a a hashtag shape helped you perfect a neat "outer v".

Or maybe it's something simple about the order you use your products: like applying concealer *after* foundation.

OR, maybe you finally figured out how to get straight eyeliner by making several little dots or dashes first, then connecting them.

Do you always test shades of foundation on your jawline, because it's the same undertones as the rest of your face, but not as pale as your neck?

Do you get perfectly blended under-eye concealer by making an "x" underneath your eye, first?

Or something else entirely?

Tell us how to do the best makeup tips and tricks you think every makeup beginner should know (and if you have one, upload a photo of it via the drop box below), and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!