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20 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Wait, What?"

Everything here is just a little bit weird.

1. This lens flare that looks exactly like Eric Cartman from South Park.

2. This cat with opposable thumbs.

3. This hermit crab that turned a Sprite cap into its shell.

4. This vending machine that accidentally dispensed everything at the same time.

5. This pink grasshopper.

6. This phone case that blends in perfectly with the faux-wood surface it's on.

7. These three girls wearing the same color shirt, with the same color hair, sitting in the same row of class.

8. This car with all the bumper stickers of failed presidential candidates.

9. This dog that has tan lines where her harness goes.

10. This knife company that felt the need to clarify that they're located on Earth.

11. This woman who let her dog off-leash, but not her kid.

12. This van, disguised as a fancy sports car.

13. This bus stop that looks kinda haunted due to some weird condensation.

14. This gigantic sweet potato that someone found randomly growing out the side of their house.

15. This frog with an extra leg coming out of its stomach.

16. This bra with little hands in it to cup the breasts.

17. This long-ass grape.

18. ...and these big-ass blueberries.

19. This tree that looks a little too much like broccoli.

20. And finally, this professor who writes "E" three different ways — in one word.

H/T /r/mildlyinteresting