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These 21 People Are So Lazy That It Is Honestly Inspiring

This beautiful.

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1. Honestly, this is a great idea.

haqimyzaidi / Via

2. This still gets the job done! What's the issue?

KwickieMartAttendant / Via

3. Maybe people should make tents easier to assemble! Until then, we'll just sleep like this!

Ishitpostonthedaily2 / Via

4. This is genius.

Jfrkc / Via

5. Why watch a video any other way?

Jfrkc / Via

6. You call it lazy, we call it creative.

7. We're not the ones who decided to change the time twice a year, so we shouldn't have to move our clocks!!

Jfrkc / Via

8. Math is hard, that's not our fault.

9. Waffle-makers are multi-purpose, OK?!

KiltedCowboy / Via

10. Imagine having to put each paper through the shredder by hand.

IfItBleedsWeCanKillItAgain / Via

11. People are too tall and wear a lot of hats. Problem solved.

dutchy4233 / Via

12. The box does the same thing, without the work of building it!

haqimyzaidi / Via

13. Why waste a paper plate or a bowl when you have a HOODIE?

haqimyzaidi / Via

14. It's close enough that people wanting a cart can easily still grab it.

star4life / Via

15. Why buy a new razor when you can re-use the old one?

AncientChineseSecret / Via

16. You *could* walk your dog, or you could hoverboard your dog. We know which one we'll be doing.

@veznajung / Via

17. *Italian chef kiss* This is a work of art.

veznajung / Via

18. One small step for mankind, one huge step for just recycling socks instead of throwing them away.

ltkortAug / Via

19. So much easier than trying to roll the damn chair over a floor mat.

marzipanius / Via

20. This saves water *and* time.


21. And finally, why even waste time with a kitchen? Move the refrigerator where it belongs.

pablo1669 / Via

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