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17 Tumblr Posts About Anxiety That Are Funny But Also 100% True

"I say 'no worries' a lot for someone who worries 101% of the time."

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1. When you get that random hit of dread:

2. When "no worries" is kind of a lie:

3. When literally everything is fine, but also it's not:

4. When you feel just kinda awkward and uneasy:

5. When your social anxiety ends up being a lot of work:

6. When nothing's happening but it feels like something's happening:

7. When your brain just doesn't listen:

8. When you make the mistake of WebMD-ing something:

9. When your anxiety picks and chooses what it wants to freak you out about:

10. When you get to ~that~ moment in the checkout line:

11. When you thought the issue was resolved:

12. When you have one of those Apple Core Moments:

13. When it feels like there's a boss fight coming:

14. When you're metaphorically teetering a bit:

15. When you discover your own version of bravery:

16. When you appear nonetheless:

17. And finally, when you find your coping mechanism:

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