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    Posted on Nov 29, 2017

    33 Things All Work BFFs Have Done In Secret

    Sent emails to each other and asked "Is this ok to send?"

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    1. Instant messaged each other in code about something scandalous, because what if "IT are watching".

    2. Had a meeting in a hallway or stairwell just so you could gossip without risk of anyone hearing.

    3. Gone to make tea together but never actually made the tea, because you were too busy gossiping or complaining about work.

    4. Bitched about your colleagues in great detail, especially that ONE person you both hate.

    5. Communicated in a meeting with just a series of "looks".

    6. Sent emails to each other and asked "Is this ok to send?"

    7. Forwarded emails to eachother and been like "WTF".

    8. And then deleted those emails immediately for fear of "IT watching".

    9. Saved an extra slice of cake or doughnut from the work kitchen when the other was in a meeting.

    10. Not gone to a work event because one of you couldn't make it.

    11. Been the first one to champion eachother's work publicly even though you already discussed exactly what you would say so that you could make the other person look as good as possible.

    12. Booked a meeting room for a "chat" and not for work at all.

    13. Had a boozy lunch.

    14. Been late back to the office because of the boozy lunch.

    15. Come back to the office after lunch at separate times so as not to look like you've both just gone on a boozy lunch.

    16. Told eachother gossip (usually unverified) before anyone else.

    17. Ranked your coworkers together.

    18. And played "would you rather" in the pub.

    19. Revealed work crushes to each other and formulated game plans.

    20. Game plans that usually involved getting wasted at the Christmas party.

    21. Covered for each other when the other was having a crisis like say, a ridiculously bad hangover.

    22. Or saved each other's ass when one of you had done something ridiculously stupid, like left your CV in the printer.

    23. Cried to each other about work problems.

    24. And then formed a leaving pact.

    25. Asked each other a stupid question about work that you definitely should know because it's your job, because you know the other won't judge.

    26. Gone through each other's work drawers to borrow things like deodorant or chewing gum.

    27. Pretended you needed to give the other something when really you just wanted to stop by their desk for a chat.

    28. Made sure that whoever was responsible for the teams on the company away day, would put you two together.

    29. And then forced someone to swap with you when the person organising it didn't listen to your threats.

    30. Taken a day off when you knew the other was taking it off so you didn't have to suffer work without eachother.

    31. Told eachother first when one of you was leaving.

    32. And then put in a hell of a lot of money for their leaving present so you could get something nice that they deserve.

    33. Left right after the other one did, because work is only as good as your work BFF.

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