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    23 Thoughtful And Clever Gifts For Your Favorite Couple

    Whether you're part of it or know the love birds!

    1. A date night kit for those who, quite frankly, suck at planning but still want to do really cool things! This'll help prod them into planning new adventures together.

    2. A set of four packing cubes for the savvy travelers who always seem to be 'gramming from some far-flung locale. They can make packing together for different climes a total breeze.

    3. A double waffle maker and GF waffle mix so they can lovingly gaze into each other's eyes while they cook (instead of one person awkwardly waiting for the other's waffle to get ready so they can chow down together).

    4. And a trio of rich maple syrup that'll elevate even boxed mix (gasp)!

    5. A double sleeping bag because you're relieved those two finally found each other and now go camping together instead of you getting guilted into going.

    6. A location-centric candle to remind them of a long weekend spent in a far-flung city or to pay tribute to their home states or to park beside the framed photo of them in front of an international landmark.

    7. A special family quilt that'll look like their heirloom ones, but they can be less dainty about using.

    8. A backpack picnic set because those OG baskets are unwieldy, but that's no reason your fave duo should be deprived of a picturesque outdoor meal!

    9. A DIY gourmet popcorn kit of a highly rated popper, jug of kernels, and seasoning bundle that'll be 1000x better than a *festive* tin of the flavored stuff decked out with teddy bears dressed like Santa.

    10. A one-of-a-kind puzzle to commemorate where their paths first crossed or a place they hold dear as a couple.

    11. A Blue Apron subscription so they can fix some romantic meals without having to go grocery shopping. We all know tacos = love.

    12. Or a gorgeous pasta roller if they're super ambitious and will make good on *actually* using it for a date-night dinner.

    13. A pair of fierce stemless champagne flutes for toasting all kinds of wonderful things.

    14. A smart phone–enabled projector — its uses will run the gamut (from hosting at-home movie nights to displaying super-sized vacay pics).

    15. A personalized lazy Susan they'll treasure forever — and in the meantime you can help them eat food off of it.

    16. A maple porter beer–making kit so the couple who treat the local microbrewery like their own Cheers can stay at home for once without sacrificing taste or quality.

    17. An indulgent-but-healthy gift tote packed with small-batch goods for the fitness-obsessed folks who'll be "carb loading" this holiday season.

    18. A pair of tickets to a show because they literally own everything already and offering to babysit the kids while they take in some Shania would be the sweetest, ACTUALLY IMPRESSIVE.

    19. OR just offer yourself up as a babysitter! Even if it's just so they can go for a dinner together, they'll savor that time you gave them — despite your being low on cash.

    20. A double hammock and stand they can set up in a backyard or carry around for camping. (No worrying about finding two trees for a camping hammock!)

    21. A Blue Bottle subscription in case you've had the coffee at their house and want better for them. (It can be our little secret.) Just say, "Oh, I love this and it's so convenient!" to hide your real motivation.

    22. A charming fire pit to make better use out of their patio area, even in chilly temps.

    23. A Cracker Barrel gift card so they can be like that lovely couple who aimed to visit every location because, tbh, that story was heartwarming to even the most bitter of singles. (It me!)

    Here's to our favorite couples!

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