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What's Your Best Advice For Anyone Decorating Their Home On A Budget?

Share your advice!

Do you have a smart tip for decorating a home without spending too much money?

Maybe you swapped in some inexpensive hardware to instantly take your kitchen from boring to sophisticated.

Maybe you found some public domain art you printed out at home and framed for your gallery wall.

Maybe you hunted through flea markets for just the right decor to transform into something special.

Maybe you figured out a way to cover boring pillows with colorful, cozy sweaters.

Maybe you're smart with your coupons, and have a tip about where to find the best ones — and how to keep them organized.

Maybe you set aside a little bit of money every month specifically to splurge on pricier furniture or decor.

Or maybe your tip is something else entirely!

Tell us about it — even better, upload a photo of your tip in the drop box below — and you could be included in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!