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People Are Freaking Out About Americans Trying To Eat Meat Pies

"Every cut to this pie is making me flinch like the knife is cutting into my body."

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Meat pies are an Australian tradition. Along with sausage rolls, sausage sizzles and Chiko Rolls, the hand-held meat pie is a classic Australian cuisine — whether you're biting down on one at the footy or grabbing one from the petrol station warming oven. We don't even care if they're full of incredibly spicy chilies. Australians eat meat pies.

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So then what. The fuck. Is this:

The @sixers, inspired by Australian star Ben Simmons, are now selling Meat Pies at their games. I put them to the t…

Turns out the Philadelphia 76ers have signed a partnership with the bakers of Australia's classic service station pie, Four'N Twenty, and will sell the small pies at the American basketball team's stadium.

#GoSixers #FNTSixers RT @hisk0: @FOURNTWENTY I haven’t been home for like 500 days this was so good! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

The team's coach, Brett Brown, has previously coached Down Under, both at a club level and as the coach of the Australian national team. The 76ers also have an Australian player in point guard–forward Ben Simmons.

But it's this footage, showing ESPN reporter Darren Rovell eating a meat pie, that has sent Australians into a tailspin. What, exactly, is Rovell doing?

He's fucking...

I mean...

What is this?

Rovell took to Twitter to apologise for his actions (literally peeling a pie) after the Queensland Police got involved.

Steady on, you could get cautioned for treating a meat pie like that 😲 #FreshPrince

I have been destroyed all day for how I apparently tested out the Australian meat pie being offered at 76ers games.…

But there are still plenty of others airing their grievances online.

That. Is. Not. How. You. Eat. A Meat. Pie

@darrenrovell @sixers i will forward your apology on to our prime minister @TurnbullMalcolm and report back with h…

excuse me @ringer if you need someone to explain what a meat pie is, I have eaten many many meat pies in my life, I…

isn’t using a knife & fork to eat a meat pie against the law?

This is offensive to me and my country

every cut to this pie is making me flinch like the knife is cutting into my body

For what it's worth, the 76ers won the game. Let's hope the players know how to eat a pie.

Time to celebrate with a @FOURNTWENTY in the locker room! #gosixers #4N20sixers