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    17 Games That Will Make You Never Want To Put Your Phone Down

    Escape in these mobile adventures for an hour or 10.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favourite mobile phone game. Here are their incredibly addictive recommendations:

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    Night School Studio, LLC / Via

    "Oxenfree. Not only is it a great game on your phone, it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played in general. The storyline is amazing, it’s funny, and scary, and heartbreaking and it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever." –nicolem4b852d151

    How to play: With beautiful graphics and a spooky storyline, follow a group of friends who end up on a haunted island. You choose how you deal with the events that follow, the characters, and the creepy creatures that appear.

    Available on: iOS and Android for £4.99.

    2. Two Dots

    Playdots, Inc / Via

    "Two Dots is the only game on my phone that I have continuously played since it was first released years ago. They add new levels every few weeks, and also have a weekly treasure hunt and expedition to keep you occupied." –mazc

    How to play: If you've played Dots, the game that precedes this one, you'll be familiar with the basics of Two Dots. Connect dots of the same colour and try to score as high as possible. If you like it, you can also download Dots & Co, which is made by the same company.

    Available on: iOS and Android for free.

    3. Plague Inc.

    Ndemic Creations LTD / Via

    "Plague Inc. is super fun and addictive. It's a strategy game. You have to spread an illness via bacteria, fungus, virus, parasite, nano-virus, etc.. keep evolving it to make everyone in the world catch it, and then kill off the entire world in the quickest amount of time. There are tons of different ways to spread your plague and evolve the symptoms, making the game different each time. I have played it for a couple years now and never get sick of it." –MrsH810

    How to play: Probably best for those with a sick sense of humour, the aim of this game is to infect the world and end all of human history. Simple as, really.

    Available on: iOS and Android for £0.79.

    4. Ballz

    Ketchapp / Via

    "Ballz is the most addicting game ever. I’ve had to delete it and reevaluate my life choices after realizing how much time I’ve spent playing it. Multiple times." – aaronr41a39e0d1

    How to play: Destroy different coloured bricks by swiping your finger and throwing the white balls at them. The number on each brick corresponds to the amount of hits it needs to be destroyed. The more you win, the more balls you get.

    Available on: iOS and Android for free.

    5. Tinker Island

    Kongregate, Inc / Via

    "Tinker Island. It's a survival game – you build items, enter parts of the island to gather rare items that benefit you, fight with wild animals, and when you win, you get pearls to improve your survivors, or you can get supplies to upgrade your weapons. The more survivors there is in your team, the better chances you have in winning against the wild animals." –Joy Victoria

    How to play: Help the survivors of a shipwreck on a deserted island by building a base and finding treasure. Within the adventure, you'll have a chance to solve riddles, fight enemies, and lead your group to safety.

    Available on: iOS and Android for free.

    6. I Love Hue

    Zut Games Ltd / Via

    "As an artsy person, I love the idea of matching up colours to make the most perfect gradient. It's really relaxing and it helps calm me down before bed. Also there's a sense of accomplishments when you finish a piece." –tori1234455

    How to play: Possibly the most aesthetically pleasing game going, I Love Hue is "a gentle journey into colour and perception". The rules are simple: order the coloured tiles into a spectrum and allow this game to calm you down.

    Available on: iOS and Android for free.

    7. Monument Valley

    ustwo Games Ltd / Via

    "Monument Valley... addictive and beautiful. The design and graphics are dream-like and it doesn’t matter how many times I play it, I love coming back to it and take that journey again. There’s two versions out now and they are both fantastic!" –gabrielaf4804e2230

    How to play: Guide the princess through "impossible architecture" with rotating paths, stairs and walls. If you love beautifully crafted games, you'll appreciate the stellar architecture and complex geometry that makes this app so addictive.

    Available on: iOS and Android for £3.99.

    8. Stranger Things: The Game

    BonusXP, Inc / Via

    "Stranger Things: The Game! It's like a retro Gameboy game and the mechanics and plot of the game is so retro and has such a good vibe. I actually think some of it is inspired by some Legend Of Zelda games, as there are dungeons, upgradable weapons, heart pieces to collect and a character to save in each dungeon. A nice touch is that each character has different abilities and you can play with each one. It's definitely a great game for Stranger Things addicts (like me -_-)" –staceyw40ec34c49

    How to play: If you're a fan of the TV show, Stranger Things: The Game is everything you've ever wished for in a game. This action adventure game follows Hopper and the kids as they solve puzzles, collect Eggos and Gnomes, and explore Hawkins, Indiana.

    Available on: iOS and Android for free.

    9. 1010!

    Gram Games Limited / Via

    "The most addictive game ever is 1010! I know it’s sorta old but I still play it all the time. Sometimes I when I try to go to sleep I see the little squares in my head as if I was still playing." –alexisw44c049b6f

    How to play: 1010 is a classic brain teaser, largely described as a "reverse Tetris" game. Drop the blocks to create and destroy full lines both vertically and horizontally on screen.

    Available on: iOS and Android for free.

    10. The Room

    Fireproof Studios Ltd / Via

    "The Room (and sequels). A really well-designed puzzle game with just enough of a story to make it feel suspenseful! I can play them over and over and still enjoy them." –Eileen Herbert, Facebook

    How to play: The Room is a mystery and puzzle game wrapped in one. Solve the puzzles in order to reach the end of the rooms along the way.

    Available on: iOS and Android for £0.99.

    11. 2 For 2

    Crazy Labs by Tabtale / Via

    "Hands down 2 For 2 is my new fav. You connect the numbers trying to get as high as you can until you run out of moves. It also has an undo feature which is really nice when I accidentally swipe too early. This game is particularly great because it doesn’t need cell service or WiFi to okay, which is clutch when I’m on the subway playing on the train." –jlingreen

    How to play: Make lines by connecting the same numbered dots without running out of moves. The longer the line, the more points you get.

    Available on: iOS and Android for free.

    12. Gardenscapes

    PLR Worldwide Sales Limited / Via

    "Gardenscapes is enjoyable because rather than worldbuilding from scratch, which is hard for me because I’m a perfectionist and can’t design worlds for shit, the elements are already placed where they’ll be going, but you get to choose their design." –Nhi Young, Facebook

    How to play: Build your own dream garden by beating match-3 levels and decorating different areas in the garden, all while following an exciting storyline.

    Available on: iOS and Android for free.

    13. Bubble Witch 3 Sga Limited / Via

    "Bubble Witch 3 Saga. I️ played Bubble Witch 2 for years until the third one came out. Sometimes I’ll get stuck on a level and stop playing for a month or two, but I️ always come back and get addicted all over again. That Witch has got me under her spell!" –taylorl458a1b047

    How to play: You've probably played a version of this type of game before, but of course, it never gets stops being addictive. Travel the world of Bubble Witch by bursting as many bubbles as possibly and defeating the evil Wilbur.

    Available on: iOS and Android for free.

    14. Snake Vs. Block

    Voodoo / Via

    "Snake vs. Block! So good!" –jessicader2

    How to play: Guide a snake of balls along and break the bricks as you go, breaking as many as possible.

    Available on: iOS and Android for free.

    15. Covet Fashion

    Crowdstar Inc / Via

    "Covet Fashion. Hands down. I tried to quit for a year. Came right back. Download it, play it, and thank me. Or curse me." –Brittani Bartnik, Facebook

    How to play: Create outfits based on a specific theme, vote on the best looks, and win prizes. If you successfully win a challenge, you'll be rewarded with cash, some gems, or the ability to get a new item of clothing from one of the many brands. If you lose, you'll lose style points. You can even join a Fashion House to make friends.

    Available on: iOS and Android for free.

    16. Episode

    Episode Interactive LLC / Via

    "Episode. I got my friend into it and it was so stressful if she got ahead of me because I knew she’d give spoilers! I ended up paying to get the next chapter on several occasions (much to my dad’s delight). The story ‘Campus Crush’ had me HOOKED." –ellenr47d8b7f57

    How to play: You choose what happens in this game with over 50,000 stories. Create your own character, pick a story, and let the chaos ensue.

    Available on: iOS and Android for free.

    17. Panda Pop

    Jam City, Inc / Via, / Via

    "My 50 year old dad is obsessed with Panda Pop. He plays it every day religiously and he's on level 670 or something." –gabriellechaz

    How to play: Rescue baby pandas by blasting bubbles in this bubble shooter game. Each level increases in difficulty, with different challenges along the way, so you definitely won't get bored with Panda Pop.

    Available on: iOS and Android for free.

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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