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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Buying Something For Your Cat?

Tip: Always save the box.

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I just got a kitten (!!!), so I asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell me what I should be buying, as a brand-new cat owner. Here's what they said.

That's my little bundle of joy, Figg, BTW. She has the best personality and ICYMI, she's pretty damn cute.

2. A filtered-water fountain to keep your kitty hydrated.


Cats are notorious for not drinking water – the fountain makes it more fun! They love to play and splash in it. Consider taping it together for a more *rambunctious* kitty household, or you'll end up with pieces and puddles of water! – Breannap2

Get the fountain and five filters for £14.54.


4. A litter box that makes life with cats a breeze.


"The Purina Tidy Cats Breeze litter box system is a MUST! My cat hates dirty litter boxes and all the litter I used so she would pee outside the box. The system is a box that has a drawer in the bottom that you put pads in that capture the pee. The top is grated so that the pee goes down on to the pad. The 'litter' is water-resistant pellets, so you just scoop out the poop. NO smell and my cat hasn’t peed outside the box since I got it." – Amiller256

Get a starter kit for £29.61.

5. A useful tool to help contain litter odours.


"It's basically what new parents buy for dirty diapers. A special bag and a separate bottom section to store poo and pee until the bag is full. No smell and you don't have to throw out tons of bags! It comes with an extra scooper and scooper hook thing, too." – Paige Miller

Get it for £26.86.

6. A reliable carrier for vet trips and travel.


"An airline-appropriate carrier that is left out at all times to encourage your cat to think of it as a safe and familiar place. Even if you aren't travelling any time soon, this will make vet trips and any travel way easier when the time comes." – Jaci Jarman

Get this airline-approved expanding carrier one for £33.60.


7. A heated pet pad for cosy catnaps.


"My cat is obsessed with the one I got him – he hangs out on it for hours, and gets way meltier (lol) than he does sleeping anywhere else. As long as you have a spot for it, you can plug it in and forget about it. It'll stay off until the pressure of the cat's weight activates it." – Austen Wright

Get it for £33.99.

There's also a more budget friendly, non-electric version uses your cat's body heat and reflects back. Get it for £8.49.

8. A good old laser pointer.


"My 7-month-old kitten comes running from the other room when he hears the little chain jingle." – AdrianneKurt

I've found that a good 20-minute play session before with the laser wears Figg out and keeps her sleeping curled up next to us in bed all night long.

Get a pack of 3 for £7.99.


13. A mat to catch stray litter before it finds its way all over the house.


"A black hole cat litter mat that catches the litter rather than just letting it sit on top. A little pricey, but super worth it to not have litter tracked everywhere."

– Michelle Irwin

Get it for £32.99.

I'm currently using this low-tech textured drawer liner from Ikea for £5.45 and hoovering twice a week.


15. Or this food bowl that prevents overeating.


"Cats do best being free-fed because they eat small bits throughout the day, but sometimes they might overeat if they get bored (just like humans!). This makes it so they have to work for their food, just like they would in 'the wild', You can even change how hard or easy it is for them to get their food. We love it!" – samanthac495b428c4

Get it for £7.99.

16. A durable litter scoop.


"The DuraScoop pooper scooper is the best – I've bought one for everyone in my family. It is durable and the best part is that I can clean the litter box in two to three scoops!" – milesswanson9

Get it for £12.97.

I went with this one for £7.83, since it comes with a nice little standing sheath to hold the scoop.

18. A window bird feeder.

Amazon, BuzzFeed

"The best investment I made for my cat was a window bird feeder. He

can keep himself entertained for an hour or so at a time 'hunting' the birds. He'll sit there and just watch them or launch himself at the window and bat at the birds. He absolutely loves it." – stephanieg4f027faaa

Get it for £4.74.


19. A fierce but cuddly bed.

22. Pet insurance.

"Pet insurance! Working at a vet I see too many cats euthanised because owners cannot afford treatment." – A45ccb7b4b

Compare plans in the UK here.


24. A box.

Chelsey Pippin / BuzzFeed

"A box. Whatever you buy, just save the box if cat can fit in it. Don't give it to cat, just let the little weirdo commandeer it and cat will love it." – Sarah Anderson

Can confirm. Why not treat yourself to one of these subscription boxes to keep the supply coming? Do it for your cat.

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