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19 Black Friday Secrets That Retail Workers Will Never Tell You

"The best deals are usually for the worst products."

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1. If you want to avoid the chaos of Black Friday, do your shopping between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

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Excluding the doorbuster sales, stores will have deals all day long. By shopping later in the day you can avoid the largest crowds. Plus, most stores change over their staff in the afternoon so you're more likely to be greeted by a friendly face.

4. The best deals may actually be on the worst products.

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$199.99 for a brand-new 50" HDTV sounds too good to be true because it is. A lot of these "incredible" deals feature the lowest-tier products from various brands. You're better off shopping for the mid-range products instead.


5. Local stores often have deals that are just as good as the giant department stores.


You may be more likely to get what you want by avoiding the more trafficked stores. Plus, less foot traffic means you're less likely to get trampled so it's a win-win.

6. Don't be tempted by time-sensitive deals.

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Stores want to create a false sense of urgency to drive traffic, but in actuality most of these "time-sensitive" deals will carry over into Cyber Monday.

7. Prices may be adjusted to make the deals seem better.

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Be wary of the Black Friday signs stating "Was $100, Now $50!" Many stores will inflate the before price if it makes the deal seem better. Make sure you're buying things based off the price you will be paying, not the savings you think you're getting.

8. No one is checking in the back for you, sorry.

Me: "sorry we don't have this in stock" "Can you look in the back?" Me: *walks to the back, stands & stares at a wall* Me: "sorry we don't"

This is the busiest day of the year for stores, and employees will be incredibly busy dealing with other things.


10. Using a cart on Black Friday is a recipe for disaster, so use bags instead.

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With a bag, you'll have more mobility to move around and will therefore waste less time. Plus, people won't hate you for running over their feet.

11. It might seem scary and intimidating, but talking to other shoppers can really improve your Black Friday experience.

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Employees are often too busy and overwhelmed to give you specific answers, but other shoppers might be able to tell you where to find something. Also, if nothing else, you'll have an ally in case things get gladiatorial.


14. Many stores won't file incident reports relating to customer confrontations on Black Friday.

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The last several years have seen increased mayhem in stores, and many stores have needed to increase security to deal with customer fights. So please don't add to the chaos.

15. On Black Friday, stores will try hard to get you to sign up for their credit card. Don't.


Stores will offer you larger savings and bigger discounts if you sign up, but let's be real: Signing up for a credit card shouldn't be an impulse decision. The short-term savings might not be worth the effect opening a new line of credit will have on your credit score.


18. Don't wear red to Target if you want to have an uninterrupted shopping experience.


The same thing goes for wearing blue to Best Buy. If you're dressed even remotely like a staff member, people will constantly be coming up to you demanding your help and getting frustrated when you tell them you don't work there.