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Non-Americans, How Well Can You Label The US States?

Have you got what it takes to play Chandler's dumb states game?

As you're probably aware, this coming Thursday is Thanksgiving.

To us non-Americans, Thanksgiving is very much not A Thing™, except for in every other episode of Friends, or the unparalleled Addams Family Values.

Luckily this is more than enough information to make us experts, so we're very aware of their candied yams, deep-fried turkeys, and awkward reunions with problematic uncles.

But there's another tradition that can't be overlooked: trying (and failing) to name all 50 states of the USA.

Over the years the fine people at BuzzFeed UK have tried, tried, and tried again. Each year finding new and spectacular ways to fuck it riiiight up.

So this year – mostly because there's no one left to offend – we're handing over this most infuriating of tasks to YOU, the very good looking, non-American readers of BuzzFeed dot com.

Simply take this lovely blank map of the US and show us how it's done! And just so we know which countries suck the most, feel free to tell us where you're from.

Upload your finished map using the dropbox for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!