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Bye Everyone, I'll Be Over Here At Sam's Club Enjoying Double Samples For Thanksgiving


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Sam's Club: You know it. You live it. You love it. You get your oversized wine glasses there.

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And pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE.

WELL. Did you know that RIGHT NOW, Sam's Club is doubling the EF down on samples? HELL YEAHHHH.

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The shopping chain plans on giving out 1,800 tons of food, so yeah, BRB, going there for lunch.

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In addition to the regular menu items, they're also carting out some seasonal goodies, like pan-seared Brussels sprouts with cranberries and pecans, and smoked gouda mac 'n' cheese.

Instagram: @samsclub

You can get your paws on the extra snacks at any Sam's Club from 11am to 6pm today and tomorrow so what are you waiting for?

Instagram: @samsclub

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