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    I Tried A Bunch Of Products To Help Me Sleep Better And Here's What Happened

    It turns out there's a lot of stuff out there for the sleep-deprived among us.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    Hi! I'm Jasmin, and like a lot of people, I often struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep.

    With this in mind, I decided to test a bunch of products in the hopes of finding something that'd help.

    Lush Sleepy Body Lotion – £13.95 for 215g ($9.95 for 3.1 ounces in the US)

    Jasmine Silk 100% Pure Silk Filled Eye Mask – £6.99 (currently unavailable in the US, but you can get a similar sleep mask from Amazon for $12.90)

    Badger Organic Sleep Balm – £7.99 ($6.69 in the US)

    Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea– £14.24 for 120 teabags ($13.59 in the US)

    This Works Sleep Plus + Pillow Spray
    – £26 ($25.50 in the US)

    Sleep Cycle app
    – free, but premium is £24.99 a year ($29.99 in the US)

    For two weeks I experimented with using different products – there were a few cult products that are meant to help with sleep as well as some highly rated ones on Amazon that fell under this category. At first I used a different thing every day for a week and after that I used whichever one I was in the mood for, because it's hard to know whether I'm getting a good sleep because of a product or just because of how tired I've felt on that day.

    First up was this Lush Sleepy lotion.

    The second thing I tried was this Jasmine Silk 100% Pure Silk Filled Eye Mask.

    Then it was on to Badger Organic Sleep Balm.

    I was little apprehensive about the next one, which was Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea.

    Next up was the most expensive product, This Works Sleep Plus + Pillow Spray.

    And finally, I tried the Sleep Cycle app.

    Final thoughts

    My favourite was definitely the Lush Sleepy lotion, which was best for price, how much you get, and effectiveness. After that, the most impressive ones were the sleepy tea and the silk eye mask.

    The sleep balm wasn't bad but in all honestly wasn't 100% for me. As for the pillow spray and app, I don't think I'm sold on pillow sprays in general from my experience, but the app did make me see the benefits of trying to wake up naturally, so I'm definitely looking into apps and IRL alarm clocks that might work a bit better for me.

    A big upside to all this was that trying these products showed there's loads of different things to help you sleep better, so there's most likely something out there that'll suit your needs.

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