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    21 "Stranger Things" Fans Who Took Fandom To A Whole New Level

    There are some seriously dedicated people out there. Especially Elijah Wood.

    1. This absolutely inspired Joyce Byers cosplayer.


    2. This fan, who turned their wheelchair into a BMX.

    3. This mom, who dressed her boys as Dustin and Dart.

    Twitter: @dollfaceshark

    *Dies of cuteness*

    4. And this adorable little guy's dad.

    He just is Dustin.

    5. Elijah Wood.

    He just is Eleven.

    6. This spot-on tweet impersonator.

    7. And this "Steve laying bait for the demodogs" tribute.

    8. This fan who made her own baby Dart.

    Twitter: @Abbym1233

    It's all fun and games until it eats your cat.

    9. And the owner of this "Democorgon."

    10. Not to mention the fan who's responsible for this.

    11. This absolute legend.

    Twitter: @D_Cassie44

    I really wish I'd thought of this.

    12. This disgusting, but spot-on Barb.

    13. This cosplayer, and her beautiful hand-made dress.

    Twitter: @ThatChrisGore

    Complete with actual hand.

    14. This female Billy Hargrove.

    15. The creator of this badass demogorgon costume.

    16. This herd of Barbs.

    Twitter: @TheFirstEcho

    So majestic.

    17. Whoever carved this incredible pumpkin.

    18. This amazing makeup artist.

    19. The guy behind this excellent Bob Newby costume.

    Twitter: @MikeTheGearGuy

    That "employee of the month" certificate is just perfect.

    20. This kid, who dressed up as the entire cast.

    Twitter: @WnotW

    And an Eggo, for good measure.

    21. And, last but not least, this absolute legend.

    It's his mom's dress. Amazing.

    Stranger Things has the best fans.

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