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21 "Stranger Things" Fans Who Took Fandom To A Whole New Level

There are some seriously dedicated people out there. Especially Elijah Wood.

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6. This spot-on tweet impersonator.

7. And this "Steve laying bait for the demodogs" tribute.

Instagram: @doctorwhocollector

There's not quite enough Farrah Fawcett spray on his hair, though. 9/10.

8. This fan who made her own baby Dart.


9. And the owner of this "Democorgon."

12. This disgusting, but spot-on Barb.

Instagram: @sailorsmouth

17. Whoever carved this incredible pumpkin.

They clearly bought it from Merrill's Pumpkin Patch.

18. This amazing makeup artist.

Instagram: @madisonnnanne

The little lights actually WORK. Omfg.

21. And, last but not least, this absolute legend.