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    34 Inexpensive Luxuries You Should 100% Treat Yourself To

    Brilliant ways to treat yo'self for under $25!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Plush Pusheen slippers to help you harness the laziness and snack enjoyment of the comic cat.

    2. A PSL-scented cream mask that'll basically cleanse and nourish your skin with pumpkin fruit, cinnamon bark, and bergamot leaf extracts.

    3. A 100% soy candle with pretty gold detailing, a burn time of up to 65 hours, and a French-y name, so you know it's fancy.

    4. Metallic wireless headphones to stream your favorite podcast or tunes via bluetooth, because being tethered to your phone or computer is fucking annoying.

    5. A stunning snake necklace with a magnetic rhinestone head so you can wear it any way you want — as a choker, lariat, belt, or even as a bracelet!

    6. A pair of waffle-knit skivvies emblazoned with the words your heart is whispering to your brain right now.

    7. A mason jar shaker set that'll turn heavy cream into heavenly whipped cream in just 60 seconds. Because you shouldn't have to wait for pumpkin pie to get your fix.

    8. A super slim and stylish pocket wallet you can attach to your phone so you can stash your ID, credit card, and cash in there and head right out the door. No purse needed!

    9. Wet n Wild's Catsuit liquid lipstick, the perfect winter berry color that'll outlast even the most vigorous beneath-the-mistletoe smooches.

    10. Insanely cozy flannel sheets complete with French bulldogs to keep you toasty all night long so you can dream of actually getting your very own pupper.

    11. A relaxed fit velvet tee so you, like George Costanza, can drape yourself in velvet.

    12. Mesmerizing (and vegan!) galaxy soap bars to make your guest bathroom look out of this world. Plus it's scented with a woodsy vanilla fragrance oil that'll make the whole room smell good too!

    13. An adorably gigantic, bow-bedecked headband so your hair stays out of your face when sheet masking, clay masking, or moisturizing during your at-home spa night.

    14. A golden mug that'll make your mid-morning coffee break feel more like happy hour.

    15. Fishnet tights scattered with sparkly rhinestones to make every LBD outfit shine a little extra this winter.

    16. A jade roller that'll boost blood circulation, reduce puffiness, and really just feel damn good running all over your face.

    17. A minute microwave chocolate fondue maker perfect for a romantic night in with just yourself (or someone else if you're feeling generous).

    18. Fuzzy over-the-knee socks you can layer under your boots for an extra dose of warmth or wear around the house with your PJs socks for a too-damn-cute-to-just-be-watching-Netflix look.

    19. An LED travel compact with eight dimmable lights, both regular and 2X magnification mirrors, and a hinged design so you can prop it up on your desk.

    20. A rose gold faux leather moto jacket for a gorgeous twist on a classic you'll want to wear with everything.

    21. A Luminoodle — an LED lighting strip you can affix to the back of your TV for a backlighting effect that'll create sharper images, increase color contrast, and reduce eye strain.

    22. Love with Food, a subscription box that'll deliver organic, healthy, non-GMO, all-natural (and delicious) snacks right to your door every month. AND, depending on which subscription you choose, each box donates 1-2 meals to hungry children.

    23. An antique book lookalike e-reader cover to make curling up with a good book (on your Kindle) feel so much cozier.

    24. A colorful set of starry shot glasses so your bar cart can look fancier than ever.

    25. Chenille-style, non-binding socks in the shape of quirky creatures, because keeping your feet warm in the winter can feel like a monster undertaking.

    26. A faux fur flamingo keychain who will inspire you to eat as much shrimp cocktail as you possibly can this holiday season.

    27. An enchanted rose hand cream to turn your ~beastly~ dry hands into moisturized ~beauties~.

    28. The most extra measuring cups and spoons imaginable, because you're going to take so many holiday baking Instagrams.

    29. A curling iron with sculpted barrels designed to create S-shaped beach waves so you can treat yo'self with mermaid hair even in the depths of winter.

    30. A self-massaging tool that'll help you reach those tough knots and pressure areas developed when you traveled in the smallest airplane seats ever created.

    31. A mega plush faux fur scarf so you can recreate that winter wedding Pinterest board look on a random Wednesday.

    32. A jar of cult-status Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask for the deep pore-cleansing facial you need... but super can't afford.

    33. A tinsel-y black and green knit pullover that'll say, "Ugly Christmas sweater party? I don't know her."

    34. A waterproof bath pillow with suction cups you can attach right to your tub for the ultimate in relaxation.

    Get ready to feel like a queen.

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