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Henry Cavill Has Always Been Hot And Honestly I Can't Deal

You might want to sit down for this one.

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Anyway, since the internet is very much in super fangirl mode, I thought I'd remind you that Henry's literally always been hot, and bless your eyes with the proof.

WARNING: this post could result in weak legs and heavy breathing. You've been warned.

So I thought we'd start in 2006, when Henry appeared in Tristan & Isolde serving us Jason Momoa realness with his flowing locks and intense smoulder.

20th Century Fox

My knees have already gone weak and we're only at the first one, sigh.


In Whatever Works, the hair was a little shorter and honestly I would forfeit my first born just to be the one wrapped up in Henry's arms.


...but here's just one more bonus clip of Henry in his underwear. You're welcome.