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    Henry Cavill Has Always Been Hot And Honestly I Can't Deal

    You might want to sit down for this one.

    By this point you probably know Justice League was released last week, and you probably also know that yes, Henry Cavill is still hot AF.

    I know they tell us perfection isn't real, but seriously Henry is falling pretty damn close to the line.

    Anyway, since the internet is very much in super fangirl mode, I thought I'd remind you that Henry's literally always been hot, and bless your eyes with the proof.

    WARNING: this post could result in weak legs and heavy breathing. You've been warned.

    So I thought we'd start in 2006, when Henry appeared in Tristan & Isolde serving us Jason Momoa realness with his flowing locks and intense smoulder.

    But don't worry, if smouldering isn't really your thing then this shy side smile might just do the trick.

    In Whatever Works, the hair was a little shorter and honestly I would forfeit my first born just to be the one wrapped up in Henry's arms.

    How about a topless Henry Cavill for you?

    I'm not sure about the blood, but the movie was called Blood Creek so I guess it's to be expected.

    Anyway, now we're about to ramp it up a notch because Henry goddamn Cavill in The Tudors was where basically everybody lost their shit.

    LOOK. AT. THAT. FACE. I suddenly need a history lesson.

    The Tudors also blessed us with a sex scene and I'm not going to say this was my sexual awakening as a teenager but...

    It so was.

    WARNING: a lot of topless Henry incoming.

    Because now we're at the Immortals stage when Henry played a Greek god.

    OK so Theseus wasn't a god, but it would've been very apt if you ask me.

    Now we're reaching the Henry most of us already know AKA the Man of Steel Henry.

    Every time I see this picture I let out an audible squeak and clutch my chest.

    *sings "I Need A Hero" at the top of my lungs*

    In April this year, Henry strapped up to play Captain Syverson in Sand Castle.

    I am now on the floor, so I guess we should wrap this up.

    As well as being mind-bogglingly hot, Henry's also a super talented actor, which obviously is way more important...

    ...but here's just one more bonus clip of Henry in his underwear. You're welcome.