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Pink And Channing Tatum Show How To Make A Marriage Last In The "Beautiful Trauma" Video

We've decided to stan forever.

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IMO, Pink's music videography is HIGHLY underrated. The pop-rock mom has always been able to tell stories through eye-popping visuals, and her new video for "Beautiful Trauma" co-starring Channing Tatum, is another wonderful — and surprisingly layered — addition to the singer's videography:

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The colorful video imagines Pink and Channing as a married couple in the '50s, working to keep the magic alive during a suffocating time for women's rights, gender identity, and sexual exploration:

The tongue-in-cheek video sees the pair dance through their own addictions...

...discovering (and embracing) each other's secrets and truths...

...and exploring new sexual endeavors together, including some casual sadomasochism.

Now THAT'S how you make a marriage last.

With the ending credits revealing Pink and Channing played Mr. and Mrs. "Hart," I think it's safe to say this video drew inspiration from the singer's own marriage with Carey Hart.

We've decided to stan this video forever.

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