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17 Things That Will Only Make Sense To Movie Theater Employees Who Work During The Holidays

"Hi, I know there's a line of 20 people behind me but can I get a batch of unsalted popcorn?"

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1. When you haven't even opened yet, but people are lining up outside for the 10 A.M. showing of the latest Christmas movie.

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2. When people complain about the price of movie tickets to you, as if you had anything to say in the matter.


3. When you know damn well the soccer mom who's corralling five kids is about to sneak Chick-fil-A into the theater.

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4. When there is a huge line of people waiting to buy concessions and the customer you're helping asks for an unsalted batch of popcorn.


5. When a child trips and drops their Icee, and it's funny for a second before you realize you have to go get a mop.


6. When you have 12 minutes to clean a 250-seat theater before the next showing and every single row is covered with popcorn.


7. When you find a condom in a theater and it's definitely been used.


8. And when you're cleaning up after a kids' movie and you find mini liquor bottles scattered across a row.


9. When a family shows up 45 minutes before their movie starts and they get upset because they can't go into the theater yet.


10. When you catch kids trying to movie hop and you get to kick them out of the theater.


11. When a customer comes up complaining that the bathroom is "filthy" and you go to check and everything is fine except for a single piece of toilet paper on the ground.

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12. When a popular movie sells out and customers start acting like it's all your fault.

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13. When the Coke suddenly runs out of syrup in the middle of a rush so you have to quickly change out the syrup while simultaneously taking orders.


14. When a family of seven orders one of everything on the menu and then acts shocked when the total is over $100.


15. When cocky middle schoolers come up and ask to see an R-rated movie but they have no parent or guardian to accompany them.


16. When people show up to their movie 20 minutes late and bitch about having to sit in the front row because all the other seats are taken.


17. When you finally get to go home after working eight crazy hours on Christmas Eve only to realize you have to come back in the morning and do it all over again.


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