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This "Makeup-Free" Doll Is Equal Parts Hilarious And Terrifying

"This is literally me before and after removing my makeup."

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Granparents are pure and should be protected at all costs. Even when they mess up, they are adorable.

Which brings me to this cursed image which has been retweeted by over 13,000 people. Turns out a loving grandfather tried cleaning up his granddaughter's doll using paint thinner (a product called White Spirit) and accidentally removed the doll's entire face, including the eyes. His solution: replace them with magazine cut-out eyes and no one will notice, right?

When your dad tries to clean up your daughters Girls World with white spirit, but it completely takes the eyes out…

And the result was T E R R I F Y I N G, but also hilarious.

Of course, people thought the doll was cursed.

@TashP351 This will give me nightmares for days.

It reminded some of other hilariously catastrophic before and afters.

While others actually related to the way the doll looked without a face.

@_heidiandseek @TashP351 @daviesconejero Pretty close resemblance to me waking up after a night out

@jennietals @alishatr_ @TashP351 @enguyenvo Wait that’s me ..

@TashP351 this is literally me before and after removing my makeup.

A good samaritan went as far as to "re-draw" a face on the doll and LOL, bless their heart.

@TashP351 @McThundergoose ok i think this looks a little bit better now. also, i tried for blush!

Jokes about the new ~controversial~ makeup removal app, MakeApp, were also present.

@TashP351 I thought this was another advertisement for MakeApp

And other people actually thought the doll looked better without eyes and makeup.

@TashP351 I actually like it better, and it does not look scary to me. It looks more realistic!

@TashP351 Yeah....the pic on the left is still freakier.

An adorably terrifying mistake, right?

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