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This Is What It’s Like To Be Blamed For Starting The Amazon Fires

NGO workers in the Amazon spend their days telling farmers that they don't have to destroy the rainforest to make money, but these employees still got caught in Bolsonaro’s crosshairs.

Tatiana Farah 2 months ago

This Is How The Million-Dollar Business Of Criminal Deforestation In The Amazon Works

BuzzFeed News visited one of the regions worst affected by fires in the Amazon to see how illegal deforestation is paving the way for a global environmental crisis.

Tatiana Farah 2 months ago

This Indigenous Tribe In The Amazon Survived Forced Labor And Epidemics. Now Their Land Is On Fire.

BuzzFeed News Brazil traveled to the state of Amazonas, where members of the Tenharim community are attempting to put out a fire that's been burning for six days.

Tatiana Farah 2 months ago

Brazil's Government Is Wrong About The Fires In The Amazon, And This Data Proves It

2019 isn't a year of extreme drought like Bolsonaro's government has claimed. If that were the case, the number of forest fires we're seeing would be doubled.

Tatiana Farah 3 months ago

She Accused One Of The World’s Biggest Soccer Stars Of Rape. Now She Said She’s Being Threatened.

“He can have money, he can buy the world, but I’m telling the truth!” Najila Trindade, who has accused soccer player Neymar da Silva of raping her, told BuzzFeed News.

Tatiana Farah 5 months ago

Marielle Franco's Accused Killers Have Been Arrested Nearly A Year After Her Death

Two former police officers were arrested in Brazil nearly a year after the killing of Marielle Franco, a queer politician known for her support for minorities and criticism of police violence.

Tatiana Farah 8 months ago

These Women Are Fighting To Make Sure "Brazil's Trump" Doesn't Get Elected

BuzzFeed News spoke to women about their thoughts on the current presidential frontrunner, who once told a fellow lawmaker she wasn't worth raping.

Tatiana Farah One year ago

A Former President Is Doing His World Cup Commentary From Prison

His first ~analysis~ was on Brazil's draw and Germany's surprise defeat.

Tatiana Farah One year ago
Tatiana Farah 2 years ago

Things Are So Bad In Venezuela That People Are Walking To Brazil For Medicine

In the Brazilian border state of Roraima, the health system can't meet the demands of Venezuelans fleeing a collapsing country.

Tatiana Farah 2 years ago

15 Signs That Help Define An Abusive Relationship

Remember: violence isn't just physical.

Flora Paul 2 years ago

Almost Every Major Politician In Brazil Is Under Criminal Investigation Now

Eight ministers, 71 congresspeople, 5 former presidents, and the main candidates running for president next year are all being investigated for corruption now.

Severino Motta 2 years ago

The Army Has Been Called In To Help Stop A Massive Wave Of Violence In Brazil

Sixty-two people have already been killed since Friday in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo, where the military police are on strike after having their pay frozen for three years.

Tatiana Farah 2 years ago

Brazilians Send Messages Of Hope After Soccer Players Perish In Plane Crash

Residents in the hometown for the Chapecoense soccer team, Chapecó, Brazil, sent messages of hope after multiple players were killed in a plane crash Monday, stunning the nation.

Tatiana Farah 2 years ago

2016 Was The Year Black Lives Matter Went Global

Activists for black, brown, and Indigenous rights around the world have adopted the Black Lives Matter slogan alongside homegrown movements against racism and police brutality.

Susie Armitage 2 years ago

Trump Supporters Spar With Opponents In Brazil

About 50 people came to the event, which ended with supporters and opponents spewing insults back and forth.

Tatiana Farah 3 years ago

Brazilian Senate Impeaches President Dilma Rousseff, Removing Her From Office

The trial, spurred by a corruption scandal, lasted seven days.

Tatiana Farah 3 years ago

Brazil's Huge Impeachment Trial's First Day Shut Down Almost As Soon As It Began

An argument between senators cut short the first day of what is sure to be an acrimonious — and brief — trial in Brazil's Senate. It will pick up again on Friday.

Hayes Brown 3 years ago

Airport Arrivals In Rio Are Being Greeted With A Sign Saying "Welcome To Hell"

The message continues to fuel fears for public safety ahead of the Rio Olympics in August.

Rachael Krishna 3 years ago

Rio Police Greet Olympics Visitors With Protest Banners: "Welcome To Hell"

With salaries in arrears, firefighters and police officers stage ongoing protests at the international airport in Rio and say they have a price on their heads. Three died over the weekend.

Tatiana Farah 3 years ago

WHO Doesn't See Zika As Risk For Olympics But Golfers Are Skipping Anyway

Five golf stars have stated that due to fear of contracting the disease, they will not participate in the Rio games.

Tatiana Farah 3 years ago