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Teens Answered Questions From The 1926 SATs, And, Honestly, The Questions Were Hilarious

Spoiler: The moon is possibly made out of green cheese.

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If you went to high school in the US, you're probably very familiar with the SATs and the PSATs.

When you guess on the first question but the next question says "What choice provides evidence for the previous que…

But the questions from the first-ever SATs in 1926 were definitely not what they are today. Instead, the test was filled with questions about tuberculosis, drunkenness, and cigarettes. You know, classic 1926.

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Since so many teenagers take the SATs today — according to the College Board, the class of 2017 had 1.7 million people take the test — we wanted to see how they would do on the one from 91 years ago.

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So, we had four teens come in to answer questions from the test, and, TBH, it experience.


Some of the questions included topics — like alcohol and smoking — that would never be included in today's test:


Some were biased:


Some had religious undertones:


Some were eye-opening (omg, $20 a week):


And some were just straight-up weird:


Basically, at the end of the day, we learned two very important things:

One, we are all so lucky the SATs have changed so much.


And, two, we all probably would have failed the 1926 test.


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